Join the PTA Board for 2018-2019

Would you like to make a difference at Palo Verde? Consider joining the Palo Verde PTA Board next year! Here is a description of each of the PTA Board positions:

Oversees and coordinates the work of an executive board to run a PTA effectively. Meets regularly with the school Principal on matters concerning the PTA. Serves as the official contact, communicator and representative of a PTA. Works with other PTA leaders to connect families, school and community to support student success. Represents Palo Verde at District PTA events.

Executive Vice President
Works as the primary aide to the president.

Maintains accurate financial books and records, including authorization of all receipts and disbursements. Prepares annual budget for adoption by the association. Pays all PTA bills as authorized by board or association. Prepares reports for every board and association meeting and an annual financial report. Ensures taxes and reports required by PTA bylaws, insurance or federal and state governments are completed and submitted by the due dates.

Takes minutes at board and association meetings. Maintains and preserves PTA records and important documents to pass on at the end of the term.

VP Communications
Helps communicate Palo Verde PTA-sponsored social, educational and fundraising events and activities to the school-wide population. Manages print publications, electronic communications, calendar of events and contact information for PTA officers and chairmen.

VP Programs
Organizes and oversees committee chairs for school-wide student programs.

VP Social Events
Organizes and oversees event chairs for school-wide social events.

VP Fundraising
Determines fundraising strategy and ensures that fundraising programs are run efficiently, cohesively and in a manner consistent with Palo Verde values. Works with the chairs and volunteers to plan and organize fundraising activities.

VP Membership
Manages membership campaign plans, including goals, themes, calendars, budgets, final membership numbers, etc.

Audits the books and financial records of a PTA to determine their accuracy.

Financial Secretary
Works closely with the treasurer and other financial officers in handling PTA funds.

Assists the president to manage meetings and advises on parliamentary procedure.

If you are interested in joining the PTA Executive Board, or would like to submit a nomination for the Board, please contact Karolina at and she will forward your name to the Committee once it is elected.