Online Directory


Where did the data come from? When you registered with the district on Infinite Campus, you may have opted in to share your information for the directory.  Your information has been uploaded into a Palo Verde specific online directory that will be used to create the printed directory this year.

Is the online Directory secure?  It’s secure. Like most of the schools within PAUSD, Palo Verde’s online directory is maintained by an organization called Tangleworks.  You can only access the online directory by logging in with the email address you provided to Infinite Campus when you registered your child(ren).

Are you in it?  Please take a moment to check. You can activate or login to your account by using the email that you provided to Infinite Campus when you registered your child(ren).  After you log in, you can verify that your contact information is correct (under the “My Household” tab).

What does the online Directory have to offer? After validating you are who you say you are through an email link, you will be able to search for your fellow Palo Verde parents and studentswith ease on any internet device.  You can even obtain class lists by searching by room number.  And bonus, you can make updates yourself if any of your information has changed so the online version will always be current!

Get started now:

Note: If you want to be included in the printed directory, you must provide that information via the online directory; more about the Printed Directory is included below.

It’s not recognizing my email address.  What can I do? If you are not in the directory, you mighthave opted-out when you registered your child(ren) or you may have registered after the data was received by the Directory team.  Please do the following:

  1. Contact the Palo Verde directory team: and include your name, your child’s name and room number so we can verify who you are.
  2. Contact the District: stating that you would like to “opt-in to PTA Contact and the school directory”.  Be sure to include the name of your student(s) and your relationship to the student(s).


The Palo Verde Student directory will be generated directly from the online directory.  You must be included in the online directory to be included in the hardcopy version.

How do I check, add or update my information? The information from the Palo Verde online directory will be used to create the printed directory. Updates should therefore be made using the online directory.

What is the deadline to update my information for the printed Directory? Information will be pulled from the online Directory on Wednesday, September 16, 2015.

Can I opt out of the paper directory? Yes. If your family chooses to opt out of the online directory (and hence the paper directory), then only the first and last name of your child will be included in the hardcopy directory.

When will I receive my printed Directory? The printed directories will be distributed in the Friday Folders in late September or early October.