News: June 10, 2010


June 19:       Incoming Kinder Playdate @ PV School 1:00 PM
June 24:       Kinder Playdate, 4:00 PM
July 15:        Kinder Playdate,  4:00 PM
July 31:        Kinder Playdate, 1:00 PM
August 14:    Kinder Playdate, 1:00 PM
August 20:    Icecream Social and Class Lists, 4:00-6:00 PM 
August 24:    First Day of School  
August 31:    Back to School Night  

Palo Verde School and PTA News 

From the desk of Principal Lupe Garcia….. 

Dear Palo Verde Parents, Staff and Community,  

At the end of the year it is absolutely appropriate to acknowledge the many individuals who have helped us support the children, whether directly or behind the scenes.  To all of you I say “THANK YOU” on behalf of the entire Palo Verde community for your generous and kind work, as it certainly makes Palo Verde special.  

Other items and updates:

· A HUGE THANK YOU to Kim Amsbaugh, our current PTA President, for her thoughtful leadership.  Her positive approach and ongoing support of children, parents and staff in our community have been instrumental in making this year a success for us all.

 · Other Thank Yous: I’d like to acknowledge and say “thank you” briefly to several other individuals who have quietly performed valuable work on behalf of our school community: 

— Gail Foelsch & Sherry Heller for managing our communication efforts at Palo Verde (Voice, Enews and signage).  Communication was clear, efficient, organized and sure kept the community informed. 

— Simone Nanzer and others for providing Noon Art.  The hands-on experiences they provided our students made noontime fun and enjoyable for many on an ongoing basis.

 — Tania Nanevicz and all the quiet hands for leading Palo Verde’s PiE fundraising efforts.  Their tireless efforts really paid off for our school and community.  Thanks also for the generosity of our wonderful community, especially in light of difficult economic times.

— Silvie & George Pierce for their efforts and leadership in the area of Traffic Safety.  Their work helps ensure the safety of all our students!  Kudos for a job well done!!!  

— Graduating parents, you’ve left your imprint with us.  Thank you for giving us “your best efforts” in providing a nurturing environment for our children. Best wishes with your upcoming middle school endeavors. 

 · Staff Updates: there are several anticipated staff changes for this coming school year. They are as follows: 

— Gwen Harper-Metoyer will retire at the end of this year and will get to enjoy the next phase of her life.  We wish her the best, as she embarks on that journey.  Thank you for all you have done for our little ones over the years. You have left a lasting impression! 

— Laila Agrama will take over the kindergarten class in room 1.  She comes to us via the Stanford Charter School, where she taught first and second grade.  She has also taught kindergarten for eight years in the San Lorenzo Unified School District.  

— Ms. Sana Naqvi will be moving on a new journey.  We want to thank Ms. Naqvi for her kind and dedicated work with our children.  She has left her imprint on all the students in her charge.  

— Matt Lindner, who currently teaches third grade at Palo Verde, will move up and teach the fourth grade position being vacated by Ms. Naqvi.

 — Ms. Tori Shaffer, who currently teaches third grade at Fairmeadow Elementary, will come to Palo Verde and take the third grade position being vacated by Matt Lindner. 

As you are already aware, I too am retiring.  In my place will be Ms. Anne Brown, whom many of you have already met.  She is quite experienced, with excellent credentials.  I know Palo Verde is in great hands. The staff is excited about the coming year, as we continue to focus on our mission of “teaching and learning”.  Ms. Brown, I am sure, will be soliciting your help and support in moving ahead.  Have a restful and fun-filled summer.    

Warmest regards,

The “Help!” Desk… 
The PTA Board still has some openings for the coming school year. Please consider volunteering for one of the following unfilled positions: Executive Vice President,
VP of Communications, and Parlimentarian. 

Our New 2010-2011 PTA Board 
We are pleased to announce our incoming PTA Board for the 2010-11 school year:
President – Heather Schultz
VP, Fundraising – Kim Amsbaugh
VP, Parent Education – April McCandless
VP, Social Events – Lili Nova-Roessig
Secretary – Rebecca Thompson
Treasurer – Kristin Foss
Auditor – Heather Brownlee
Let’s extend our thanks to the members of this year’s PTA Board: Kim Amsbaugh, President; Patricia Gibbs Stayte, VP of Parent Education; Heather Schultz, VP of Social Events; Lili Nova-Roessig, Secretary; Johnna Cornett, Treasurer; and Heather Brownlee, Auditor. 

Summer Play Dates for Incoming Kindergarteners 
Families of incoming Kindergarteners will meet at the school playground this summer for five play dates.  Many thanks to Connie Butner, Sheri Tye, and Maria Zajac, for organizing these fun dates.
Thurs, June 24, 4pm
Thurs, July 15, 4pm
Sat, July 31, 1pm
Sat, Aug 14, 1pm 

Fundraise While You Shop This Summer!
You can help raise funds for Palo Verde PTA all summer (and all year) when you register with eScrip and OneCause and shop with registered merchants.
Most Bay Area grocery stores are part of the eScrip network, so your purchases at Safeway, Piazza’s, Mollie Stone’s, etc. can generate funds to support technology in Palo Verde classrooms, Noon Art, the Science Fair and more.
Just register your Safeway Club card and credit/debit cards at and remember to swipe your cards at the register when you checkout.  It’s easy.  It’s powerful.  It’s free!
Don’t shop for back to school clothing or big purchases online without first registering with OneCause!  When you shop through the OneCause shopping portal your online purchases can generate contributions for our school equal to 2%-10% of your purchase.   Better yet, install the OneCause toolbar!  Then a percentage of your online purchases with participating merchants will always go to Palo Verde – even if you forget to start your shopping at!  Register today at

Existing eScrip Supporters Take Note
Your Safeway Club Card must be renewed at the eScrip website after August 1.  Also, please be sure to shop at Safeway during the 10% Back to Schools event, starting August 11 and ending September 14.
In the market for a new Volvo?  Your purchase before July 31, 2010 can generate a $500 eScrip contribution for Palo Verde!  For more information visit 

Green Wednesdays = Walk & Bike To School + Zero Waste Snack And Lunch PTA Bike Traffic Safety and the Green Team are launching a new tradition by celebrating Earth Day every Wednesday. We would like to encourage Palo Verde families and school staff to green commutes on Wednesdays and choosing reusable containers and bottles for snacks and lunches to have as little trash as possible. 

Join us Palo Verde!