News: January 28, 2011


Jan. 31: Deadline for Voice submissions

Feb. 9: Principal’s Coffee, 8 AM

Feb. 9: Palo Verde Skating Party, 5:30 – 7:30 PM, Winter Lodge

Feb. 17-21:  No School

Palo Verde PTA and School News

From our PTA President…..

Dear Palo Verde Families,

It was a pleasure to see so many of you at last week’s PTA meeting.  Thank you for taking time in the evening to stay informed about happenings at the school and involved in our Parent Teacher Association.  I am happy to announce the members of our newly elected Nominating Committee:  Anjani Sarma, Shuba Ranga, and Rebecca Thompson.  Thank you very much for volunteering for this important job!

Some of Palo Verde’s Wednesday morning “Green Commuters” are closing in on the fifteenth week of having their Walk/Roll/Carpool cards punched.  We want to thank all the students and families who utilize alternatives to single family car trips.  This definitely helps reduce traffic and congestion around the school, particularly on those busy Wednesday mornings.  When you are in a car near the school, please be very mindful of our young pedestrians and cyclists.

Today the campus was filled with sports fans of all varieties.  A fun and colorful spirit day!  Look out for more spirit days in the months ahead.

Warmest regards,
Heather Schultz

Springboard to Kindergarten

Will your child begin attending Kindergarten in the Palo Alto Unified School District in August 2011? Was your child born on or before December 2, 2006? Does your child need a quality preschool experience? If you answered yes, yes, and yes, PAUSD may have a new program for your student: 

“Springboard to Kindergarten” that will begin in February 2011 and run through July 1, 2011. Springboard to Kindergarten is a free program for children who have not had a high quality preschool experience. 

Parents can apply to:

Sharon Keplinger
Program Coordinator

A Little Something for your Valentine…A Little Something for Palo Verde

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Luckily for Palo Verde families, NOTHING but HEARTS specializes in heart-styled items such as unique jewelry, unusual accessories and one-of-a-kind items for both home and office. And when you shop at NOTHING but HEARTS for that special Valentine, Palo Verde school receives 30% of your purchase and you receive a 5% discount on your purchase.

Simply go to and check out with the coupon code: paloverde. Check out their fan page, too, if you like:

Camps and Classes for Summer, Oh My! Don’t Worry…the Auction Can Help

It’s only January, but summer camp plans are underway. Luckily, the Pacific Coast Kids Summer Camp offers three popular camp themes, each with multiple camp options.

      • Lego® Camps
      • Science Camps
      • Jewelry & Fashion Design Camps

Some of the key benefits of signing up your kids with the Pacific Coast Kids summer camps include:

      • Classes are taught by credentialed and experienced teachers –your kids are in good hands
      • The camp is hosted at Walter Hays Elementary – close to home
      • Kids get to learn and have fun at the same time – kids will love it!

And better yet, as a community member that strongly supports Palo Verde School, Pacific Coast Kids has donated a week of camp to the Palo Verde Auction. To learn more about Pacific Coast Kids and register, please visit Or wait until the Auction to see if you post the winning bid for a week of camp.

The Auction takes place Saturday, March 12th, 7-10 pm at Trader Vic’s. Auction invitations coming home Feb 11th.

Kim Amsbaugh

News: January 14, 2011


January 14: Noon Art – 1st – 3rd Grade HELPERS NEEDED

January 17: NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Holiday

January 19: PTA General Meeting – Project Resilience Info7 PM – MP Room

January 20: ABC Volunteers Training9 AM – MP Room

January 21: NO SCHOOL

February 9: Palo Verde Skating Party5:30 – 7:30 PM, Winter Lodge

Palo Verde PTA and School News

From our PTA President…..

Dear Palo Verde Families,

The “Play First, Then Eat” trial period at our school is proceeding well.  There are two more weeks to go in the lunch schedule pilot program.  Principal Brown will be getting input from all the students, via Survey Monkey.  Any parent that has comments about the program is more than welcomed to send her an email.  Reading about other schools that have implemented this schedule, including one in Arizona that deals with hundred degree weather during playtime and one in Montana that has to contend with snow boots and mittens, I was once again very thankful for our mild, easy climate. 

A couple of parents have already stepped forward to volunteer for our PTA Nominating Committee. (Thank You!) Talking with them, I realized they had concerns many other parents might have as well.  This may be obvious, but it’s worth stating plainly:  We all have families.  Some parents are reluctant to volunteer because they have younger children who might interfere or other life challenges.  I think we can all sympathize, and PTA jobs can and should accommodate your family life.  I promise — no one will be surprised by the fact you have children.  To let you in on my own little secret, my preschooler has attended every PTA Executive Board meeting we’ve had this year. 

Please join us at the General PTA Meeting this coming Wednesday evening.  We’ll have a video playing for any children who need to accompany you.  We love children!

Warmest regards,
Heather Schultz

 PTA General Meeting

Wednesday evening, Jan. 19th, 7:00 PM in the Library.

Please join us for our second PTA general membership meeting of the year.  After the brief meeting to review finances, discuss upcoming events, and elect our nominating committee, there will be an informative parent workshop about Project Resilience. This is a great opportunity to learn about important happenings at the school.

Our PTA meetings are scheduled in the evening specifically to allow busy parents the opportunity to attend.  Remember the first word in PTA is Parent!  A video will be set-up to entertain children who need to accompany you.

Project Resilience – Parent Info Meeting

All parents are invited to join us at the Wednesday, Jan. 19th, 7:00 pm PTA meeting, to learn more about our Project Resilience program that begins at the end of January for all 4th and 5th grade students. Parents of children in all grade levels are encouraged to attend to learn more about this important program and to meet our resiliency consultant.  We think all of you will find this information to be interesting and valuable.

The resiliency consultant working with our six 4th and 5th grade teachers in their classrooms is Terese Brennan-Marquez, a licensed clinical social worker with years of experience working with adults and children in school settings.  Some topics that will be addressed with the students include recognizing their strengths, friendship skills, developing empathy for others, leadership and preparation for middle school (5th grade curriculum).  Project Resilience is continuing and expanded at Palo Verde this year, after last year’s pilot program, thanks to support from the PTA and direct donations from some of our 4th grade parents.

Need Three More Volunteers for Nominating Committee

We are currently (and I do mean RIGHT NOW) trying to find THREE MORE volunteers to serve on our PTA Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee’s job is to seek out parents for next year’s PTA Board. The ideal Nominating Committee member is friendly, out-going, positive about the school, and connected with other parents. The time commitment of the Nominating Committee is for only three months, February-April.  If you will volunteer or if you have a great suggestion, please contact Heather Schultz or another member of the PTA Board.  Find us listed on page 3 of the school directory.

Parent of the Month Parking Spot

Did you know the parking spot at the front of the school with the sign designating who the parking space is for was won and paid for by that family at our Annual Palo Verde Auction? That’s right, each year at the Auction, we auction off the Parent of the Month parking space to the highest bidder. The family that wins the spot is able to park there before, during and after school for an entire month. The idea is that no matter when that family arrives at school, that spot is free and clear for them to park.

If families who haven’t won the space could do their best to not park there, the families who have paid to park there would really appreciate it.

And for those wanting to park there, coming to the Auction is a great way to satiate that need. This year’s Auction, Night at the Tropics, is being held at Trader Vic’s in Palo Alto, on March 12, 7-10 PM. We hope everyone joins us. We have lots to bid on – from parking spots to restaurant gift certificates to summer camps.

See you at the Auction!

Kim Amsbaugh
Auction Chair

Load Up those Lunch Funds

The lines for hot lunch can become long, especially on Fridays when pizza is on the menu.  One reasons for the longer lines is that quite a few of the children are paying with cash.  Others don’t have money in their account and are ordering lunch.  You can help us by regularly checking to see if there are funds in the lunch money account for your children.  It is easy to check the balances by going to the Palo Verde website ( and clicking on “Check Your Child’s Lunch Balance” at the bottom.   If you don’t have an account yet, you can get your children’s Student ID from the office and sign up from that link.  An email will be sent with a link to confirm your email address. You can then follow instructions for registration – including adding money.  It’s quite easy and will really help with feeding the kids in a timely manner.

2011-2012 Kindergarten Registration Happening NOW

Priority 1 registrations of new students, including incoming kindergartners, for the 2011-2012 school year must be submitted to PAUSD Central Attendance by February 11th. Full details about the process and required documentation are available on the school district website:

Do you miss the Community Kiosk?

Check out the links the top of this email to access the Community Kiosk published by the Palo Alto Council of PTA’s.  It’s full of information about community happenings for children and families.

News: January 7, 2011


January 12: Principal’s Coffee

January 13: Noon Art – 4th & 5th Grade HELPERS NEEDED

January 14: Noon Art – 1st – 3rd Grade HELPERS NEEDED

January 17: NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Holiday

January 19: PTA General Meeting – Project Resilience Info7 PM – MP Room

January 20: ABC Volunteers Training9 AM – MP Room

January 21: NO SCHOOL

February 9: Palo Verde Skating Party5:30 – 7:30 PM, Winter Lodge

Palo Verde School and PTA News

Next Wednesday, Principal and Parents Coffee

Please join Principal Brown and fellow parents for a hot cup of coffee and a casual chat next Wednesday morning, January 12th.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch the weekly morning assembly.

PTA Nominating Committee Needs YOU!

We need five volunteers for the PTA Nominating Committee to help us survey this year’s leaders and recruit volunteers for next year’s open Board positions.  Electing a Nominating Committee is one of the requirements of a PTA in good standing. The ideal committee member is outgoing and enthusiastic about the school. In particular, we would love to have parent representatives from K-2nd grade classes on the committee. If you are interested in learning more about the committee or if you have a suggestion of a parent who would be great for the job, please contact Heather Schultz or another PTA board member.

Helpers Needed! Noon Art Next Thursday & Friday

Thursday, Jan. 13th – 4th & 5th graders
Friday, Jan. 14th – 1st-3rd graders
Please come to the MP room next Thursday or Friday 11:50 AM – 12:35 PM to help with Noon Art, no artistic ability is required.  So many students want to participate our two leaders are overwhelmed.  This month our student artists will be using their creative talents to help the Auction Committee. Questions? Contact Katharine Saunders or Rita Wiseman.

Girl Scouts Soccer Uniform Collection

The Girl Scout annual soccer uniform collection service project will take place the first 2 weeks in January (not December as in previous years).  The uniforms are sent to Oaxaca, Mexico which is one of Palo Alto’s Sister Cities. Watch for boxes outside the office when we return to school.  We are looking for shirts, shorts, and socks. No shin guards or shoes. For more information contact Evelyn Guernsey(