News: February 25, 2011


Mar. 2:  Family Science Night, 6:30pm

Mar. 9:  Principal’s Coffee, 8am

Mar. 12:  Silent Auction, 7pm, at Trader Vic’s

Mar. 23:  Science Fair

Palo Verde PTA and School News 

From our PTA President….

Dear Palo Verde Families,

Two terrific PTA sponsored events are just around the corner.  On Wednesday night, we’ll host the What’s Matter? Science Festival presented by the Lawrence Hall of Science.  This fabulous night of family fun and learning is brought to you free of charge by the Palo Verde PTA.  Please bring your children of all ages and celebrate science together.   Like all of our events, it is not possible without parent help.  Volunteers are still needed to assist with the science stations.

Our biggest event of the year is coming soon — the Palo Verde Auction!  Every year, my husband and I look forward to this adults-only evening out.  It’s a fantastic social event for the grown-ups of our school community.  And, of course, it’s vital for providing funds to support our other wonderful activities and programs, including Family Science Night and the students’ Science Fair.  Come join the party at Trader Vic’s on Saturday, March 12!

Palo Verde needs you.  Our school is blessed with many dedicated, involved parents.  We can usually find the willing hands we need to help out when asked.  However, finding individuals who will step up as LEADERS is often more of a challenge.  Our Nominating Committee is hard at work searching for next year’s PTA Board members and other committee leaders.  Please read their important message below and consider taking on a leadership role at Palo Verde.

Warmest regards,
Heather Schultz 

Family Science Night at Palo Verde: What’s Matter?

FREE Admission, Sponsored by the PTA

Wednesday, March 2nd 2011, 6:30-8:30 PM

You might not see it, but you can weigh it. Or watch it change instantly from liquid to gas, liquid to solid. Some of it may help generate light, or keep paper dry underwater, or invisibly move objects for several feet. Study matter under a microscope and what appears to be one thing reveals its many parts. But can the properties of something found anywhere and everywhere be so scientifically fascinating that we created a whole festival about it? You bet! — What’s matter? — Come find out with the Lawrence Hall of Science!

Volunteers are needed to assist with the stations.  No science experience is necessary.  Brief training will be provided prior to the festival at 6pm.  To volunteer, please contact Theivanai Palaniappan,

 It’s Time to RSVP to the Palo Verde Auction

You know the date: March 12th. You know the time: 7-10 pm. You know the place: Trader Vic’s, Palo Alto. But have you turned in your RSVP yet?

RSVP forms are located outside most classrooms and are also available in the office. If you need a little nudge to convince you to attend, this is Palo Verde’s major fundraiser of the year. Last year, we had 91 families attend, which totaled to nearly 135 people. So it’s also the biggest Palo Verde party of the year! And with all those attendees, we raised nearly $25,000, which helped purchase listening devices in the classrooms, playground equipment and classroom supplies.

As for Auction items, we have everything from spa treatments ($100 at Skin Spirit), to restaurant gift certificates ($100 at Sundance), to great deals on camps, classes and hotel stays (Jenifer, flower arranging, the Westin).

And new this year, we have a “Just Buy It” table filled with lovely gift items from Nothing but Hearts. Beautiful necklaces, key chains, purse hangers and bling cases for your iPhone will be ready and waiting for you to take home the night of the Auction.

And if you still can’t make it, you can make a tax-deductible donation toward our Direct Appeal Campaign: to buy 22 new collapsible tables for the MP Room.

Grab an RSVP from the office or outside a classroom and turn yours in today!

California’s Budget Crisis: Impact on K-12 Education – PTA Campaign to Let Voters Decide

This is an important Palo Alto PTA Council update on the California State Budget and what it may mean for public K-12 education. We have prepared a brief description of what the Governor is proposing, the impact it is expected to have on Palo Alto schools, and suggestions of how you can add your voice to this important discussion. Please call or email our state legislators by the end of this month (February) as they grapple with whether to let voters decide on revenue-generating measures this June.

News: February 18, 2011


Feb. 17-21:  No School

Feb. 22-23:  Children’s Theater auditions, 3rd-5th gr., afterschool

Feb. 23: Science Fair Parent Info Night, 7pm

Feb. 24: Camps Edmo & EdTech open house, 6:30pm

Feb. 24: Noon Art, 4-5th gr.

Feb. 25: Noon Art, 1-3rd gr., HELPERS NEEDED

Mar. 2:  Family Science Night, 6:30pm, HELPERS NEEDED

Mar. 12:  Silent Auction, 7pm, at Trader Vic’s

Palo Verde PTA and School News

It Takes a Village

Volunteering at your child’s school is a fun and rewarding way of staying engaged with your community and enhancing the school experience of every child.

The PTA Nominating Committee is actively seeking PTA Executive Board Members and Committee Chairpersons for the 2011-2012 school  year.  We are actively looking to fill positions for:  President, VP of Fundraising, VP of Programs & Social Events, VP of Communications, Secretary, Auditor, and Parliamentarian.

Whether you would like to chair an existing activity or start something new, please contact us at: or directly seek out: Shubha Ranga, Anjani Sarma, Rebecca Thompson, or Callie Turk.

PTA Executive Board Office Descriptions

In addition to all the wonderful committee members and volunteers who keep Palo Verde social, fundraising, and student programs running, there is a group working primarily behind the scenes, to support these crucial PTA programs and events.  Below are descriptions of the PTA Executive Board roles.  Consider joining the PTA Board!  In addition to the duties below, board members meet monthly – generally on a Monday morning.

President:[Position must be filled to have a viable non-profit org.]

  • Orchestrate and lead the PTA officers and committees in an effective manner.
  • Meet regularly with the school Principal on matters concerning the PTA.
  • Work with the school administrative staff to ensure a cohesiveness of programs and fundraising efforts.
  • Prepare meeting agendas and conduct PTA association and board meetings.
  • Prepare and present the PTA budget to the association membership.
  • Represent Palo Verde at District PTA events.
  • Work with PTA Vice Presidents to help ensure all PTA-related events and activities are meeting the appropriate deadlines, timelines and budgets.

VP of Communications

  • Help communicate Palo Verde PTA-sponsored social, educational and fundraising events and activities to the school-wide population in a timely, consistent manner.
  • Work closely with the publishing volunteers of The Voice and eNews, and the PTA and Palo Verde website and calendar volunteers to communicate information.
  • Support the chairs and volunteers of school communication activities, including eNews, the Voice, websites, calendars and directory.
  • Perform the duties of the president in the case of the president’s absence.

VP of Fundraising

  • Determine overall fundraising strategy and ensure that fundraising programs are run efficiently, cohesively and in a manner consistent with Palo Verde values.
  • Support the chairs and volunteers of all fundraising activities.
  • Help ensure that all fundraising activities are meeting the appropriate deadlines and timelines.
  • Act as a liaison between the PTA Executive Board and the chairs of the Palo Verde fundraising events.

VP of Programs and Social Events

  • Help ensure all school-wide social events and programs are meeting the appropriate deadlines, timelines, and budgets.
  • Support the chairs and volunteers of PTA social activities and programs.
  • Act as a liaison between the PTA Executive Board and the chairs of the Palo Verde social activities and programs.

Secretary [Position must be filled to have a viable non-profit org.]

  • Record and maintain minutes of all PTA association and Executive Board meetings (attendance, votes, expenditures, and major discussion items that might be necessary for future reference).
  • Prepare and submit annual Historian’s report.


  • Attend all executive board and PTA association meetings and advise on parliamentary procedure when requested.
  • Initiate the formation of the nominating committee, recruit members as needed, and give instructions on procedure.
  • Chair the by-laws committee and review by-laws annually.


  • Audit the books and financial records of the PTA association twice a year and upon resignation of the treasurer or any check signer.
  • Prepare/present a written auditor’s report for the executive board and present the written auditor’s report for adoption by the PTA association.

Noon Art! 

February’s Noon Art project is making Friendship Bracelets!  On Thursday, fourth and fifth graders will have the chance to work on the project during lunch time.  Next Friday, first through third graders will make their friendship bracelets.  Additional adult hands are needed Friday to help all the little fingers tie their final knots.  If you can help, please come to the MP Room a little before noon on the 24th or 25th.   

Camp Edmo and Camp EdTech Open House

Thursday evening, February 24, 6:30-8:30pm, in the MP room.  Learn about the programs that will be hosted at our school site this summer for K through 9th graders.  For more information:, tel: 415-282-6673.

News: February 11, 2011


Feb.11:  Spirit Day – Wear Palo Verde colors

Feb. 15:  Children’s Theater student info meeting, 12pm

Feb. 17-21:  No School

Feb. 22-23:  Children’s Theater auditions, 3rd-5th gr., afterschool

Feb. 23: Science Fair Parent Info Night, 7pm

Feb. 24: Noon Art, 4-5th gr.

Feb. 25: Noon Art, 1-3rd gr., Helpers Needed

Mar. 2:  Family Science Night, 6:30pm

Mar. 12:  Silent Auction, 7pm, at Trader Vic’s

Palo Verde PTA and School News

From our PTA President…..

Dear Palo Verde Families,

The busy and exciting second semester has definitely begun.  Today during school, all our students learned about the upcoming science fair at Palo Verde.  Our science fair leaders, Pandu Nayak and Pavan Desikan, led assemblies for the different grade levels to inspire the students to think about science and to answer their questions about the fair in late March.  For any parents who have questions, there will be an evening info session on February 23rd.

The Palo Alto Children’s Theatre is coming to Palo Verde!  Each year the Children’s Theatre outreach program rotates to different elementary schools in Palo Alto.  This spring is Palo Verde’s turn to host a student-staged live theater production.  If your 3rd, 4th or 5th grade students are curious about participating in the staging of Pinocchio at Palo Verde, please encourage them to attend the information meeting next Tuesday during the lunch break.

On Wednesday night, 182 Palo Verde skaters zoomed around the rink at the Winter Lodge.  Many thanks go out to Lori Harrenstein and her crew of volunteers who organized the thrilling social event.  Nice job ordering the weather for the evening too!

PAUSD has extended the deadline for parents to participate in the survey regarding possible changes to the school year calendar.  The motivations behind potential changes are largely driven by needs at the high schools.  However, the school calendar impacts all families K-12.  This is an opportunity for your input on this process.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey by this Sunday.

Sincerely yours,

Heather Schultz

Student Meet & Greet with Children’s Theatre Director

Tuesday, February 15th, during lunch

All 3rd-5th students who are interested in participating in the after school theatre production are encourage to attend this information meeting.  If you have questions about the play, please contact Katharine Saunders, saunderz (at)

PAUSD Calendar Survey for Parents

As you know, there has been a great deal of discussion this fall about the school calendar.  The School Board and District staff are interested in finding out what our parents think about several aspects of the calendar.  Please take a moment to complete this short survey–your input will help inform decisions that still need to be made about the calendars for 2012-13 and beyond.  The survey has been extended and will be open through Sunday, February 13th.


Tuesday, February 15th, 7pm

Sponsored by the Palo Alto Council of PTA’s

InGenious: Levers for Unlocking Creativity –Defying Expectations, Challenging Assumptions, & Unleashing Innovation.Author & Stanford Professor Tina Seelig will highlight ways to stretchour imaginations and enhance creativity and innovation, not only insuccessful business ventures, but in all aspects of our lives.  Fromhow we frame questions to the assumptions we bring to solvingproblems, she will show that when looked at with fresh eyes, mostchallenges are opportunities for creative solutions.  She will bejoined by Matthew Severson, a Paly graduate and founder of The SchoolFund which helps students in Tanzania. He offers a real life exampleof this creative approach to identifying and solving compelling socialproblems.Admission: FREETue Feb 15, Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center, 7 to 9 p.m.Location: 326 Galvez St., Stanford.

News: February 4, 2011


Feb. 9: Principal’s Coffee, 8 AM

Feb. 9: Palo Verde Skating Party, 5:30 – 7:30 PM, Winter Lodge

Feb.11:  Spirit Day – Wear Palo Verde colors

Feb. 15:  Children’s Theater student info meeting, 12pm

Feb. 17-21:  No School

Feb. 22-23:  Children’s Theater auditions, 3rd-5th gr.

Feb. 23: Science Fair Parent Info Night, 7pm, MP Room

Feb. 24: Noon Art, 4-5th gr.

Feb. 25: Noon Art, 1-3rd gr., Helpers Needed

Mar. 2:  Family Science Night, 6:30pm

Palo Verde PTA and School News

February Voice

Please look for this month’s Palo Verde Voice in today’s Friday Folders.

We did it!

PiE made above its goal of $3.35 million! Overall elementary participation was 60%. Palo Verde Participation was 61%. We had many large donors from Palo Verde.  Thank you so much. There were so many volunteers who helped.

Thank you teachers and staff. Everyone together made all the difference.

Thank you,
PiE chairs –Angela Chou, Patricia Gibbs, Tania Nanevicz

Next Wednesday, Principal and Parents Coffee

Please join Principal Brown and fellow parents for a hot cup of coffee and a casual chat next Wednesday morning, February 9th.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch the weekly morning assembly.

Palo Verde Winter Lodge Skating Party! 

Wednesday, Feb 9, 5:30-7:30pm. 

Our Skating Party is coming up soon! Please turn in your checks with the entry forms and waiver to the office or class teacher no later than Monday, Feb. 7. By pre-registering it will expedite the line at the door on the evening of the party and we will have a more accurate count for ordering pizza. 

For those who choose to walk in without pre-registering please bring exact change or write a check for the number of admissions needed.

Thanks so much……we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Lori Harrenstien, Chair