The Palo Verde PTA relies on your financial support to pay for the programs that we offer to the Palo Verde community. The PTA collects money toward purchasing school supplies for each child so parents do not have to worry about purchasing supplies through the year when their children run out; books for the library and membership which allows parents to have a voice in the PTA and advocate for our school and children. This year the PTA is requesting an annual contribution of $300/student.

With your help, the PTA is able to offer our students and families opportunities for social and academic enrichment through programs, social events and teacher support.

How do I Join?

To become a Palo Verde PTA member and to donate please register here. Caregivers and grandparents are also welcome to become Palo Verde PTA members. Your donations are VITAL to our continued work. 

And if you have any questions about the PTA’s work, its budget, or your donation, please email us at

THANK YOU for your generous support of our school!

Cash Verification

Are you a volunteer in charge of an event for which you collect funds from participants? Keep track of your revenue with the Cash Verification Form also available in the PTA folder bin in the office.

Checks should be made out to Palo Verde PTA, and please have two PTA members initial for and count cash, not from the same family.

PTA Reimbursement Form

If you need to be reimbursed for PTA budgeted and membership approved expenses, use the PTA Reimbursement Form also available in the PTA folder in the office and leave them in the treasurer’s mailbox in the office. The treasurer’s mailbox is located across from the general use computer in the office. Please include original receipts with the printed form.