News: November 25, 2011

November 28          : PTA Board Meeting/Deadline for Voice Submission, 3 pm
November 30          : Project Cornerstone ABC Volunteer’s Meeting

Palo Verde/PTA News

Kids’ Bingo Bash! = Parents’ Night Out!

Last chance for Parents’ Night Out, Friday, Dec. 2nd!

There are still a few spaces available in the KIDS’ BINGO PARTY on Friday night, December 2, 6:30-8:30pm.  Your kids can play and win prizes, while you get a couple of hours to yourself on a Friday night!  That means BINGO! for both of you.  Tickets are $15/child and include all activities, there are no additional costs to play the games.  Advance registration is required.  To have your child(ren) join in the fun, contact Xia Guan or Heather Schultz before the end of November,  Please include “Bingo party” in the subject line of your message.  All proceeds from this Fall Party Book event go to Palo Verde PTA.

Family Giving Tree

Once again, Palo Verde is proud to support the Family Giving Tree.  Gift tags are available for selection in the Palo Verde Office.  All gifts are due by December 9, 2011.  Please do not wrap the gift, but place the gift in a bag with the gift tag secured to the gift. Please accompany your child when selecting a gift tag.  This is to ensure that all tags will be returned along with a gift.

 If you have any questions, please see Chris in the office.

Are you Missing a Coat? A Lunchbox? A Scooter?

With the cold mornings and warm afternoons, our Lost and Found is overflowing with coats and sweaters. Some nice ones, too! Please take a look and claim your belongings. They will be donated before the December holiday break. Also sitting in the bin unclaimed are lunch boxes, thermoses, hats, bike helmets, and a Razor scooter. To help get your belongings back to your family faster, please label them.