News: October 17, 2008


Wednesday, October 22, 8:15 AM – Palo Verde Assembly

Friday, October 31, 10:30 AM —  PTA Coffee and Halloween Parade

From the Desk of Lupe Garcia…

Dear Palo Verde Parents and Community,

We are now into our normal school routines and students, parents, and teachers are working to ensure we maximize the results of our collective efforts.  Parent/Teacher conferences will begin toward the middle of October and continue through November. Teachers spend countless hours reviewing your child’s work in order to complete the progress report card and to prepare for the conference with you.  Do drop by your child’s classroom to get informed about what your child is doing in his/her class.

Here are some of the things to expect at your parent-teacher conference:

·  The teacher will review your child’s strengths and areas for continuing development.

·  Samples of your child’s work and the results of various assessments will be shared.

·  The teacher will refer to the report card and will indicate your child’s progress toward meeting the standards that we expect students to know and be able to achieve by the end of the school year.  Is s/he making expected progress?  Is s/he making limited progress? If so, is there a need to put increased attention on a particular skill or concept? Has s/he already met or exceeded the standard?

·  Conference topics will include academic growth and performance, as well as study skills and social/emotional development.

·  The teacher may suggest ways in which you can assist and support your child’s progress at home.

·  The teacher will give you an opportunity to ask questions and share reflections about your child’s growth and achievement. 

It is our common goal, as parents and teachers, to work together in the best interest of all our children.  Thank you for taking the opportunity to meet with us, so we can move ahead together in supporting your child.

Updates and other general information:

   A Special Thanks to the many of you who take the lead (as well as the many “quiet doers”) in sponsoring and bringing school related activities to fruition. In particular, a “Special Thank You” to:

  • Katherine Saunders for organizing and putting on two successful events: the International Pot Luck Dinner and the Harvest Fair. These activities brought the parents and the children together in a spirit of community.  It was great fun!
  • Lauren Aspegren for organizing and cheering our students on another successful Walkathon.  Thank you also to the many of you who sponsored the fundraising event, which provides direct support for needed classroom items. 

•   School Site Council Election: the community will be voting on two (2) new community members for the Site Council to replace the two outgoing members.  You will find the ballot inside this edition of the Voice.  Please vote for two (2) candidates and turn in the ballot to Chris McGranahan, at our Main Office by Friday, October 24, 2008. 

Again, thank you for your active and supportive role in helping Palo Verde School provide a strong educational foundation for our children and a clear sense of community for all.

Warmest regards,

Lupe Garcia                                                                                                                                    

The “Help!” Desk…

Noon Games organizers are looking for donations of table games, Lego’s and other inside activities for our students to participate in during lunch-time in the Multi-Purpose Room. The table games should be complete in their parts and in good condition. Please drop your donations off at the Palo Verde office.

Our Harvest Fair Was a Big Success!

I would like to give a big thank to all the volunteers who worked hard to make this year’s Harvest Fair a big success!  The bake sale, fabulously run by Mala Nayak and Maria Zajac, made enough money to cover the costs of the Fair plus a little extra for the PTA general fund.  Adults and kids alike had a great time, and none of it would have been possible without help from parents, teachers, family, staff and students who came together to make it happen.

Special thanks go to the fabulous Harvest Fair Committee: Julie Curnow, Queenie Huang, Charlene Temple, Priya Junnarkar, Monica Kim, Ani Gnanalingam, Kathie Yang, Aisha Abeid and Jeff Saunders.  Many thanks also to Lupe Garcia, Chris Mcgranahan, Joan Jennings, Jeannie Llewellyn, Evelyn Guernsey, Theivanai Palaniappan, Khanh Doan, Girl Scout Troops 60801 and  60324, the firefighters of Engine #4, Gaby and Tony Boscacci of National Towing for their hot dog cart, Dan Nitzan, Moises Aguilar and Allan Pascual, the 5th graders at Palo Verde who volunteered at the fair, everyone who came to the Fair and to the wonderful families who donated food and ran the booths.

Thanks also to Palo Alto Bowl for their very popular bowling game and to Gary at Rick’s Rather Rich Ice Cream for donating half the cost of the ice cream certificates.  Both are wonderful local businesses which are involved in the community – please consider stopping by to say thanks in person.

Thank you!

Katharine Saunders

The Caring Committee Needs You!

Do you know of a family in our Palo Verde community who is going through a medical, financial, or relational struggle? Would you like to be able to help families at PV in those situations, but you wonder what you could do?

As Chair of the Caring Team, I invite you to do two things:

1)  When you become aware of a family in need, get their permission and then contact me with details.  I will speak with the family to explore how best to serve them and organize a team of helpers.

2)  If you’d like to be notified of needs (potential helping opportunities!), email me with your name and phone number(s).  I will contact you when opportunities arise.

We want to be a community of friends, and this is one very practical way to stand alongside each other. Thanks for considering these opportunities.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Charlotte Wilson, charwils (at) pacbell dot net

Last Chance for Cookie Dough and Gift Wrap!

Today is the deadline for your Sally Foster order!  Remember, there are 2 easy ways to shop!

1) Shop On-line at

  • You can shop on-line and have it delivered to your home. Palo Verde’s account number is 0357833.  Ask family and friends to shop on-line.

2) Order from the Catalog

  • Orders are due to the office by Friday, October 17. Checks for catalog orders are payable to Palo Verde PTA. (Internet orders are paid on-line with a credit card.)

Remember, we earn 50% on every item!  Thank you for your support!

Questions? Contact April McCandless – aprilmccand (at) yahoo dot com

Walk and Roll Day Success

Thank you to all the Palo Verde kids and parents that made Walk and Roll Day on Wednesday, October 8th a success at Palo Verde.   Nearly every child came to school either by walking, biking, scooter, carpool, or bus.  As a measure, we normally have 55 bicycles parked during the school day and on Walk and Roll Day we had a whopping 115 on campus.    Children were greeted by several parents. our principal Lupe Garcia, and our Superintendent Kevin Skelly. 

Please continue the habit of leaving the car at home.  If you must bring your car, please bring a friend or two with you.  For more information on safe routes please see the Palo Alto PTA’s website.

Thanks again to the parents who helped, including Carol Hyde and Jasmine Kuen for making the colorful posters and raffle boxes.  If you would like to help continue the success, please contact Lynn Drake (Traffic Safety Rep for Palo Verde) at lynndrake2004 (at) yahoo dot com.

Palo Verde Site Council Elections for 2008-2010

Please VOTE for TWO (2) candidates for the Palo Verde School Site Council by picking up a ballot at the school office and placing an “X” to the left of the names of your choice.  Two candidates will replace two outgoing community Site Council members. Elected members will serve a two-year term, beginning in the 2008 – 2009 school year. 

Turn in the completed ballot to Chris McGranahan at the Palo Verde School Main Office by Friday, October 24, 2008


This is my 4th year in the Palo Verde community with two sons, a third grader and a pre-schooler, who will be in kindergarten next year.  I have enjoyed being involved with a variety of school programs in the past, including a previous term on the Site Council and two years as the PTA president.   I am currently on the district-wide Math Adoption Committee and the Co-chair of the Palo Verde Annual Auction.   In addition, I have been a Little League coach for three years.   I look forward to participating in the Site Council this year.


I am a parent of a 3rd grader at Palo Verde and a 9th grader at Gunn. I am interested in serving on Palo Verde’s Site Council. I have experience serving on the site councils at both, Palo Verde and JLS Middle School, when my son attended these schools and am currently on the board of Palo Alto Partners in Education.  Participating on school committees has given me an opportunity to work with parents and staff towards a common goal of preserving and improving our school’s environment focusing on the academic, social and emotional needs of the students. As the Executive Director of the Morgan Family Foundation, I work directly with non-profit organizations in the area of education. I feel that both my personal and work experience provide me with a unique perspective that would be an asset, if I am selected to serve on Palo Verde’s Site Council. Thank you for your consideration.

Have You Made Your PiE Contribution Yet?

PiE has had a great start to the year. Over $960K has already been collected!  Palo Verde participation rate is 15% at this point. We would like to make 70% this year. Remember to send in your checks and don’t forget to ask your employer for matching funds.


Google, Intel, Microsoft, Sun, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Yahoo, Ebay, (and many, many more)

Donations go twice as far with matching gifts from your employer.  If you are not sure whether your company offers a matching gift program, you can check on our website

Donate now and take advantage of this great matching opportunity! 


Remember to fill in your matching employer information.

Questions?  Please email donations (at) papie dot org or call the PiE office at: (650) 329-3990.

Scaremeadow Haunted House

The public is cordially invited to visit the 15th Annual Scaremeadow Haunted House at Fairmeadow Elementary School, 500 East Meadow Drive, Palo Alto.

Also, Gunn Robotics Team members have designed and built a robotic haunted mansion that will be on display outside the Scaremeadow Haunted House and will be available, via silent auction, for one lucky family to display at their residence on Halloween night.

Fri. Oct. 24, 6-9pm and Sat. Oct. 25, 1-4pm. and 6-9pm.

Gifted Youth Web Program Available

The Stanford Educational Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) is a web based math and language arts tutorial program, $135 PER SCHOOL YEAR. Developed with the gifted student in mind, Stanford has found that EPGY is valuable FOR ALL LEVELS OF STUDENTS.  EPGY starts at the K-2 level and continues with course offerings through secondary school, including AP and college level, thus providing a runway that parallels potential academic trajectory in school.  For more information, click here.  

Available to Palo Verde Students as a Community-based, extracurricular offering for 2008-2009 school year and beyond.  Ready for your Enrollment NOW!  You are invited to join Stanford EPGY seminar on Thursday, 10/23/08, 6-7pm at MP room, Palo Verde Elementary School where you can get more information about this program. 

Guest speaker:  Marie E. Pfeiffer, Assistant Director of School Marketing, Stanford EPGY

Halloween Make-Up Workshop at Paly

Let Palo Alto High School drama students help you create the make-up to match your child’s Halloween costume! This is a fundraiser for their trip to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland next year!  Make-Up Kits will be for sale too so you’ll be totally set for Halloween.  Cost per child- $10.00.

Saturday, October 25th from 1 – 4 PM, Paly High School, Haymarket Theatre, Sponsored by:  Paly High School Drama Department.  Questions call Lisa @ 494-1288 

Community Kiosk

Click here.

News: October 15, 2008

Last Chance for Cookie Dough and Gift Wrap!

Friday is the deadline for your Sally Foster order!  Remember, there are 2 easy ways to shop!

1) Shop On-line at SallyFoster

  • You can shop on-line and have it delivered to your home. Palo Verde’s account number is 0357833.  Ask family and friends to shop on-line.

2) Order from the Catalog

  • Orders are due to the office by Friday, October 17. Checks for catalog orders are payable to Palo Verde PTA. (Internet orders are paid on-line with a credit card.)

Remember, we earn 50% on every item!  Thank you for your support!

Questions? Contact April McCandless – aprilmccand (at) yahoo dot com

News: October 8, 2008

Today is Walk and Roll to School Day! 

Leave the car at home and help the kids walk, ride a bike, scooter, or skate to school on Wednesday. We’re having a raffle at the morning assembly for everyone who participates.  Remember to have kids bring their colored “sneaker” drawing they received in their Friday Folder to hang on the poster at school. 

For more information how to make it safe, convenient, and fun for children to bicycle and walk to school, click here. 

Cookie Dough and Gift Wrap!

Our Sally Foster Gift Wrap and Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough sale has begun.  Now is the time to order! 2 easy ways to shop!

1) Shop Online at

  • Shop online and have it delivered to your home. Our school earns 50% for online sales, too!
  • Ask family and friends to shop online. 
  • Or send friends an email through the Sally Foster web site:
    • Go to the Seller’s Section at to sign up for the email program. 
    • Palo Verde’s account number is 0357833.  Enter the email addresses of everyone you’d like to ask to help.

2)  Order from the Catalog

  • Turn in catalog orders to the office by Friday, October 17.  
  • Checks for catalog orders are payable to Palo Verde PTA. (Internet orders are paid online with a credit card.)

Stop by the office if you need an extra catalog or to see samples. Remember, we earn 50% on every item! Thank you for your support!

Questions? Contact April McCandless – aprilmccand (at) yahoo dot com

SOS Stressed Out Students: A Community-Wide Follow-up

The Palo Alto Council of PTAs presents video highlights from the Sept. 26 SOS Keynote Event at Stanford University, featuring  Dr. Ken Ginsberg, David Elkind, Dr. Madeline Levine, and Denise Clark Pope, followed by a live discussion with other parents and educators on what we can do at home and at school to build resiliency in all our children and teenagers.

Free, open to everyone.  Live Spanish translation provided.

Wed. Oct.15, 7-9pm, Pre-event informal reception at 6:30pm.

JLS Middle School, 480 East Meadow, Palo Alto

For more information, click here

News: September 30, 2008

Bicycle Safety Class

To Palo Verde Parents,

This is a reminder that on Wednesday, October 1 at 7-8:30 PM,  we are offering a free Bicycle Safety class held in the Palo Verde Multipurpose Room.  Before you know it, your child will be an independent bike rider at around age 9 or 10 so this is the time to teach them how to bike safely. I guarantee that you will learn things on how to teach your child to bike safely that you didn’t know.  For more details, click here

We will have door prizes and refreshments.  Please note that this class is for parents and caregivers only- no children please.  El Carmello is offering the same class on October 6th and will have childcare and Spanish translation available.

If your child is older than age 9 and riding independently, please consider taking the Middle School Bike Skills class.

Bike safely!

Lynn Drake

Parent Volunteer and Traffic Safety Rep for Palo Verde

lynndrake2004 (at) yahoo dot com

Palo Alto Walks & Rolls Oct. 6-8

PAUSD students will join children around the world who are choosing alternatives to solo driving to school by walking, biking, riding the bus, skating and carpooling to celebrate international Walk to School Day.  If you would like to walk to school with a group of children and parents, or just be on hand to greet children as they arrive, contact Kathy Durham, 329-2568, kathy.durham(at)cityofpaloalto dot org.

Hindi for US Classes at Palo Verde Elementary School

Start Date Oct 8th, eduHindi Level 1:

The classes provides a unique, creative, fun, highly interactive environment and teach reading, writing, speaking and comprehending Hindi. Games, puzzles and other interactive tools will be used to make it fun. Online Registration here.   Contact: Bina Shah,  (650-) 283-8860 bina (at) eduhindi dot com.

Offered by US Hindi Association(USHA), a 501 (c) (3) Educational Non Profit.

News: September 26, 2008


Wed.        October 1             PTA General Meeting     8:30 AM, MP Room

Bicycle Safety Class       7 – 8:30 PM, MP Room

October 3 – 17      Sally Foster Sales          All Grades

Sunday   October 5               Harvest Fair                 3 – 5 PM, Blacktop

Wed.      October 8               Walk to School Day       All Grades

Wed.      October 15             3rd Grade Bike Rodeo   3rd Grade Only, Blacktop

From the PTA President

October is a busy month, kicking off with the PTA General Meeting on October 1st, followed by the Palo Verde Harvest Fair on Sunday, October 5th and the Palo Verde Walks and Rolls event on Wednesday, October 8th. Below are details about these events.

On October 1st, the PTA General Meeting is in the Multi-Purpose Room following the morning’s assembly. Everyone is welcome to attend and those who are PTA members can vote on items up for approval. We will be discussing and voting on several important items that directly impacts the school and our community. These include: (1) the PTA 2008-2009 Budget; (2) the PTA-Sponsored Events Calendar; and (3) Measure N, the library bond on November’s ballot. We hope you can join
us and participate in this important meeting.

On October 5th, the Palo Verde Harvest Fair is from 3-5 pm at Palo Verde. This free, fun family activity offers carnival games with prizes for the kids, a bake sale with goodies, hot dogs and drinks and the opportunity to meet and socialize with the Palo Verde community. We hope to see everyone there!

On October 8th, Palo Alto Unified School District students along with children around the globe will choose alternatives to solo driving to school by walking, biking, skating, riding the bus, and carpooling to celebrate International Walk to School Day. Palo Verde’s activities planned for October 8th include a student-created “Foot Power” collage and prizes to be raffled off for participants during the morning assembly.

Kim Amsbaugh
PTA President
Amsbaugh (at) gmail dot com

Send in Your Safeway Receipts and Club Card Numbers!

If you visited Safeway during the Safeway/eScrip “10% Back to Schools” buying period (August 6 – September 9), you may have earned rebates that can benefit our school.  Rebate totals and redemption codes began printing on Safeway receipts on September 12.  Please send any receipts or Safeway Club Card numbers that you collect to school with your child by Monday, September 29.  Every child who submits a valid card number or redemption code will receive a small thank you gift and the classroom that turns in the most card numbers and receipts will win a prize!

If you registered with eScrip before August 1, there’s no need to send in your own receipt or Club Card number.  Your rebates will flow to Palo Verde automatically.  However, we encourage you to collect Club Card numbers and receipts from your co-workers, neighbors, families and friends!

It’s Time to Renew Your Club Card with eScrip!

Current eScrip supporters should visit to renew your Safeway Club Card before November 1.  There is a password recovery feature if you can’t recall your password.  Please also review and update all of your registered credit cards and debit cards.  Rebates to Palo Verde cease when your cards expire.

Not Signed Up Yet?
Please visit and today to start contributing to our school when you shop online and around town.  It’s safe, easy, powerful and FREE!

Palo Verde Walks & Rolls on October 8th

On October 8th Palo Alto Unified School District students along with children around the globe will choose alternatives to solo driving to school by walking, biking, skating, riding the bus, and carpooling to celebrate International Walk to School Day. Palo Verde will join the fun!

Activities planned for October 8th at Palo Verde include a student-created “Foot Power”collage, and prizes to be raffled off for participants at the morning assembly.

The City of Palo Alto, PAUSD, and the Palo Alto Council of PTAs have formed a Safe Routes to School partnership focused on reducing risk for students on their school commutes and encouraging more families to use alternatives to driving to school more often.  The Walk & Roll event emphasizes the benefits of using alternatives other than solo driving as often as possible.

Walking & Biking Is A Healthy Habit
The healthy lifetime habit of getting regular exercise is more fun when we do it together. It builds community, bringing friends and family together before and after school. Also, students who get light exercise on their way to school arrive better prepared to learn.

“Safety In Numbers” Works

Parents are more likely to allow children to walk and bicycle when they are in safe company.  Drivers are more alert to pedestrians and bicyclists when they are present in numbers.  Most importantly, fewer cars on school routes means less risk for everyone.

A Greener Planet
We all want to reduce the environmental impacts of automobiles.  Many of us can’t do it every day.  If we do it when we can, even once or twice a week, we can break the habit of picking up car keys every time we go anywhere and experience our community in a new way.  Each reduced car trip helps our planet.

Join the fun!  Walk & Roll to school with your (school name) friends on October (date).

*Palo Alto Council of PTAs thanks Palo Alto Medical Foundation and the City of Palo Alto for their support of this program.

Get Ready for Gift Wrap and Cookie Dough!

Our fundraiser featuring Sally Foster® gift wrap, gifts, and Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough is just around the corner! The funds we raise will go towards school site improvements, funding programs like Noon Art and Noon Games, events such as the Harvest Fair and International Fair, and updating technology in the classrooms, including the purchase of scanners, DVD players, digital cameras, and color printers.

The fundraiser will include:

  • Premium gift wrap
  • Gifts for everyone
  • Chocolates and cookie dough

And, everything is $20 or less!
50% of every purchase goes directly to Palo Verde!
Watch for the Sally Foster catalog coming home on Friday, October 3rd

Celebrate Your Talents!

Come join thousands of other students and participate in the National PTA Reflections Program.

The theme for 2008 – 2009 year program is “WOW.

You can express your creativity through the six categories below.  You may enter as many categories as you wish.

  • Literature
  • Visual Arts
  • Dance Choreography
  • Film Production
  • Photography
  • Music Composition

Please visit the Reflections Program gallery at to see what other kids did last year.
The link to the entry forms and rules for each category is:

All entry forms are due at the Palo Verde Office by October 17th, 2008.

Please contact Shirley Chin at amchin (at) sbcglobal (dot) net if you have any questions.

Canopy Walk on October 11

Please join visiting certified arborist and Bay Area tree expert Ted Kipping as he leads Canopy’s next Tree Walk through the Palo Verde neighborhood.

Ted has been involved with the selection and planting of San Francisco’s trees for 40 years and worked alongside Canopy’s sister organization Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) to create some of San Francisco’s most interesting and beautiful allées of street trees.  Now a consulting arborist with Tree Shapers, Ted is still an active volunteer with FUF and provides lectures, demonstrations and workshops on aspects of arboriculture, regional horticulture and specialty pruning subjects.  Ted brings his expertise to Palo Alto and will educate attendees on the interesting variety of trees in the Palo Verde neighborhood.

For more information about the Palo Verde Tree Walk please contact Canopy at (650) 964-6110 or

When: Saturday, October 11th, 10am-12pm

Where: Meet at the entrance to the Palo Verde Elementary School at 3450 Louis Rd. in Palo Alto

Canopy is a Palo Alto-based non-profit advocate for the urban forest and works to educate, inspire, and engage the community as stewards of young and mature trees.

Community Kiosk

For more information about Community Events please click here.