Organize an Event

Palo Verde PTA is a volunteer run organization. There are many events that the PTA sponsors at Palo Verde, and parent volunteers are essential for making them a success.  

Once you are responsible for an event, you should start planning.  Please check the budget or email the treasurer Basil Shen to know how much the PTA has assigned for your event. When you know the date, time and location of your event, please inform the VP Social/Programs Nicola Ruckheim/Narusha Mathen or VP Fundraising so that it can be approved at the board meeting and be added to the PTA calendar.

To check MP room or school classroom/grounds availability, please contact Jenny Hsuing in the office to make sure that both the location is available, and the date does not conflict with anything already on the school’s calendar.  Send Jenny an email with the room/location  you would like, how many people you expect to attend, if you need any tables set up and a time frame that includes set up and clean up.

Once you have your date and location, send a short description of your event to the enews editor at for addition to the weekly enews. The deadline for submission is each Friday by 2 pm. For adding your event to the Konstella calendar or for creating sign ups please send an email to

Track Cash Receipts from your PTA Event

Are you a PTA volunteer in charge of an event for which you collect funds from participants? Please use a Cash Verification form in order to keep track of your revenue. Checks should be made out to Palo Verde PTA and please have two PTA members, not from the same family, initial for and count cash. If you are are a room parent or a fifth grade end of year events coordinator and are collecting funds for classroom events/parties/gifts, please keep track and inform parents of how funds were used.

PTA Reimbursement Form

If you incur membership approved expenses on behalf of the PTA please fill out a PTA reimbursement form available in the PTA bin in the office or click here. Fill it out , attach your original receipts and leave it PTA Treasurer’s mail box in the office across from the general use computer.

Have a New Event/Program Idea for the PTA?

The Palo Verde PTA welcomes new ideas for PTA sponsored programs/events as long as they are not for profit, and are open to all Palo Verde kids. If you have an idea for a new PTA program, the board would love to hear from you. Please complete this form and send it to PTA president at if you are a parent. If you are a Palo Verde staff member, please submit the form to Principal Annora Lee first for approval. Please note that the new proposal and request for funds has to be approved by the principal and reviewed and approved by the executive board and by general membership. Please wait to hear back from Principal Lee/ PTA president before scheduling or planning the event.