eNews: March 24, 2015

Phone Bank Volunteers Needed for Measure A
(Parcel Tax)
The Palo Verde community is helping the campaign with phone banking on the following dates:
Thursday, March 26 from 6-9 pm (at Sereno Realty office)
-Monday, May 4 from 6-9 pm (at Sereno Realty office)

$13 million For Palo Alto Schools About to Expire: Phone Bank Volunteers Needed Immediately

What’s At Stake: In 2004, PAUSD’s parcel tax renewal measure was defeated by less than 1% of the vote. The post-election analysis showed that complacency and lack of volunteer activity to motivate supporters to vote led to the measure coming up just short of winning. We can’t allow that to happen again. Voters will begin casting their Measure A ballots in about two weeks. Personal engagement with our supporters to convey the importance of voting in this election is key. We do this primarily through phone banking and we can’t do it without your help.

Campaign Update: After three weeks of phone banking, we have reached less than HALF the voters we need to have reached at this point in the campaign. Our fabulous group of energetic callers is just too small. Our volunteer phoning team needs to double in size immediately to identify and get out the Yes vote to pass Measure A. We cannot risk losing $13M/year that goes directly into our children’s classrooms. We need 2 YES votes for every NO vote to win. This measure will not pass by itself; we learned that the hard way in 2004.

What we need: We need for you to attend a phone bank for Measure A. Every school has been assigned phone banking nights (www.SupportPaloAltoSchools.org/calendar) throughout the campaign. If you can, attend your school’s assigned night. If you can’t, attend any other night between 6 and 8:30. Parents who have attended our phone banks so far will tell you that this task is easy. Voters are very supportive, they just need to be reminded of the importance of voting. We don’t even try to persuade NO voters; we just move on to the next call. Bring your spouse. Bring your friends.

Thank you for your support. Yes! on Measure A.
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