News: December 2, 2009

District PTA News

You may be aware that there is emergency legislation under consideration related to the Race-to-the-Top funds potentially available from the Federal Gov’t.  In November, the California State Senate approved a fast-track emergency education bill (SBx5 1) it hopes will help California secure part of the Federal government’s $4.35 billion Race to the Top funds. The California State Assembly is next to consider it.

As it turns out there is a provision in the bill that may be troublesome for our district and others.  There isn’t a lot of clarity around this provision yet and it is not necessary to qualify for the Race to the Top funds.  Unfortunately the vote on the bill could be as early as next week so time is short.

Please read the analysis that can be found at  I think you will feel compelled to contact our legislators.

The PTA Council wants to be sure you’re aware of this and have time to voice your opinion.  If you have questions, please contact our Advocacy Chair, Lauren Janov at 650.326.4060 or janovll (at) yahoo dot com

Terry Godfrey, President

Palo Alto Council of PTAs

president (at) paloaltopta dot org