News: February 18, 2011


Feb. 17-21:  No School

Feb. 22-23:  Children’s Theater auditions, 3rd-5th gr., afterschool

Feb. 23: Science Fair Parent Info Night, 7pm

Feb. 24: Camps Edmo & EdTech open house, 6:30pm

Feb. 24: Noon Art, 4-5th gr.

Feb. 25: Noon Art, 1-3rd gr., HELPERS NEEDED

Mar. 2:  Family Science Night, 6:30pm, HELPERS NEEDED

Mar. 12:  Silent Auction, 7pm, at Trader Vic’s

Palo Verde PTA and School News

It Takes a Village

Volunteering at your child’s school is a fun and rewarding way of staying engaged with your community and enhancing the school experience of every child.

The PTA Nominating Committee is actively seeking PTA Executive Board Members and Committee Chairpersons for the 2011-2012 school  year.  We are actively looking to fill positions for:  President, VP of Fundraising, VP of Programs & Social Events, VP of Communications, Secretary, Auditor, and Parliamentarian.

Whether you would like to chair an existing activity or start something new, please contact us at: or directly seek out: Shubha Ranga, Anjani Sarma, Rebecca Thompson, or Callie Turk.

PTA Executive Board Office Descriptions

In addition to all the wonderful committee members and volunteers who keep Palo Verde social, fundraising, and student programs running, there is a group working primarily behind the scenes, to support these crucial PTA programs and events.  Below are descriptions of the PTA Executive Board roles.  Consider joining the PTA Board!  In addition to the duties below, board members meet monthly – generally on a Monday morning.

President:[Position must be filled to have a viable non-profit org.]

  • Orchestrate and lead the PTA officers and committees in an effective manner.
  • Meet regularly with the school Principal on matters concerning the PTA.
  • Work with the school administrative staff to ensure a cohesiveness of programs and fundraising efforts.
  • Prepare meeting agendas and conduct PTA association and board meetings.
  • Prepare and present the PTA budget to the association membership.
  • Represent Palo Verde at District PTA events.
  • Work with PTA Vice Presidents to help ensure all PTA-related events and activities are meeting the appropriate deadlines, timelines and budgets.

VP of Communications

  • Help communicate Palo Verde PTA-sponsored social, educational and fundraising events and activities to the school-wide population in a timely, consistent manner.
  • Work closely with the publishing volunteers of The Voice and eNews, and the PTA and Palo Verde website and calendar volunteers to communicate information.
  • Support the chairs and volunteers of school communication activities, including eNews, the Voice, websites, calendars and directory.
  • Perform the duties of the president in the case of the president’s absence.

VP of Fundraising

  • Determine overall fundraising strategy and ensure that fundraising programs are run efficiently, cohesively and in a manner consistent with Palo Verde values.
  • Support the chairs and volunteers of all fundraising activities.
  • Help ensure that all fundraising activities are meeting the appropriate deadlines and timelines.
  • Act as a liaison between the PTA Executive Board and the chairs of the Palo Verde fundraising events.

VP of Programs and Social Events

  • Help ensure all school-wide social events and programs are meeting the appropriate deadlines, timelines, and budgets.
  • Support the chairs and volunteers of PTA social activities and programs.
  • Act as a liaison between the PTA Executive Board and the chairs of the Palo Verde social activities and programs.

Secretary [Position must be filled to have a viable non-profit org.]

  • Record and maintain minutes of all PTA association and Executive Board meetings (attendance, votes, expenditures, and major discussion items that might be necessary for future reference).
  • Prepare and submit annual Historian’s report.


  • Attend all executive board and PTA association meetings and advise on parliamentary procedure when requested.
  • Initiate the formation of the nominating committee, recruit members as needed, and give instructions on procedure.
  • Chair the by-laws committee and review by-laws annually.


  • Audit the books and financial records of the PTA association twice a year and upon resignation of the treasurer or any check signer.
  • Prepare/present a written auditor’s report for the executive board and present the written auditor’s report for adoption by the PTA association.

Noon Art! 

February’s Noon Art project is making Friendship Bracelets!  On Thursday, fourth and fifth graders will have the chance to work on the project during lunch time.  Next Friday, first through third graders will make their friendship bracelets.  Additional adult hands are needed Friday to help all the little fingers tie their final knots.  If you can help, please come to the MP Room a little before noon on the 24th or 25th.   

Camp Edmo and Camp EdTech Open House

Thursday evening, February 24, 6:30-8:30pm, in the MP room.  Learn about the programs that will be hosted at our school site this summer for K through 9th graders.  For more information:, tel: 415-282-6673.