News: Friday, March 8, 2013

March 10                        Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 11-15                   Mars Testing
March 11                        Take It Personally- Project Cornerstone                                            Study Group
March 18                        Take It Personally- Project Cornerstone
March 18                        Science Night
March 23                        Palo Verde Auction Night
Palo Verde PTA and School News

New This Week   


Rockin the 80’s Catalogs are Here!


The Sears catalog may be gone, but the Rockin’ the 80’s Auction Catalog is here today! Check out Friday folders for your catalog and start perusing the items you want to win.
Auction Ticket Sales and Q&A


Purchase auction tickets or ask questions about the event outside Principal Brown’s office before and during assembly on Wednesday, March 13th. Tickets can also be purchased on the auction website using a major credit card or Paypal account.
We hope you plan to join us Saturday, March 23rd at Ming’s Restaurant. For 80’s attire inspiration, stop by the display case outside the school office to see photos of Palo Verde Staff in all their 80’s glory. See if you can name the staff member based on their 80’s look!
Your Ticket Purchase Can Help Your Child Win a Pizza Party!

The 2nd annual Pizza Party contest was launched this week so don’t be surprised if your child comes home encouraging you to attend the auction. Out of the starting gate, room 14 is in the lead. A chart showing each room’s standing will be outside the Principal’s office.



Lost and Found Cart


Been wondering where that coat or sweater are?  Can’t find that pair of gloves?  Don’t remember the last place you saw your baseball bat?
Maybe it’s in the lost and found cart!!
Please come by and check it out, encourage your kids to check it out too!
It sits outside Mrs Brown’s office from before school until quite a while after school finishes!

If you can’t get to the cart, check out the online photo gallery which is regularly updated:

I make a big effort to return labelled clothes and items to owners, please help by labeling everything!  A few minutes can save a lot of dollars!

PLEASE NOTE:  The cart will be emptied and the contents donated to charity on March 29th


March Asset of the Month



March asset of the month is Asset # 17: Youth spends three or more hours per week in lessons or practice in music, theater, or other arts. In Project Cornerstone’s 2011 survey, 79% of 5th graders, 32% of our 7th graders, and 31% of our high school students reported that they spend three or more hours each week in lessons or practice for music, theater, dance, or other arts.
For many young people, creative activities can fulfill what Peter Benson describes as a “spark” – the hidden flames that tap their true passions, motivate and inspire them to achieve and create, and keep them on a positive path. Youth who have sparks, and are surrounded by people who recognize and support their sparks, have higher grades in school, are more socially competent, are more likely to volunteer to help other people, have a greater sense of purpose, and are less likely to experience depression.
Creative activities are one of the most common categories where youth find their sparks. They provide benefits like fostering creative problem solving, critical thinking, and discipline, even if this is not a person’s life passion.


Special Event:


Palo Alto teens at Gunn and Paly have had an opportunity to share their heartfelt experiences of life in Palo Alto as participants in Youth Speaks Out. We hope you will attend the exhibition featuring artworks by these students from March 9-24. The Opening Reception at the Palo Alto Arts Center is Saturday, March 9 fro 5-8pm. The opening will also feature student performances. A concurrent student exhibit will be on display at Palo Alto City Hall from March 9-24. For more information, contact Carolyn Digovich ( We hope to see you there to support these creative youth!
This content is based on Project Cornerstone’s Asset-a-Month program resource kit. For more information and activities, visit:
March Asset resource kit:
To get involved in the Palo Alto Developmental Assets Initiative of Project Safety Net, contact us at:

Thank you for your ongoing support and help in encouraging everyone to be an asset builder!