News: March 4, 2011


Mar. 4:  Noon Art, 1st-3rd gr., HELP NEEDED

Mar. 9:  Principal’s Coffee, 8am

Mar. 11:  Spirit Day! Tropical theme

Mar. 12:  Silent Auction, 7pm, at Trader Vic’s

Mar. 23:  Science Fair

Mar. 24:  Noon Art, 4th-5th gr.

Mar. 25:  Noon Art, 1st-3rd gr., HELP NEEDED

Palo Verde PTA and School News 

Find Your Voice

Please look for your copy of the printed Voice in today’s Friday Folder.

Noon Art today!  Helpers Needed

Today at lunchtime the 1st-3rd graders need help tying the final knots on their friendship bracelets.  Can you you spare an hour at noon?

School Board to Discuss Increasing Elementary Enrollment; Parental Input Desired

Tuesday, March 8, 9a-1p.

25 Churchill Ave., Palo Alto

The PAUSD School Board is holding a study session devoted entirely to planning for elementary school enrollment and facilities in the district.  They are seeking parental participation in this discussion.  This is a unique opportunity for parents to give input to the school board in a less formal setting than a regular school board meeting.  If you are concerned about growing enrollment in Palo Alto and would like to learn how the school district is planning for it, please carve time out of your day for this meeting.

Principal’s Coffee and PTA Chat

Please join us next Wednesday, March 9, for a special PTA Chat at the monthly Wednesday morning coffee.

It’s Time to RSVP to the Palo Verde Auction

You know the date: March 12th. You know the time: 7-10 pm. You know the place: Trader Vic’s, Palo Alto. But have you turned in your RSVP yet? A new RSVP form is attached to the Voice in your Friday Folder.

If you need a little nudge to convince you to attend, this is Palo Verde’s major fundraiser of the year. Last year, we had 91 families attend, which totaled to nearly 135 people. So it’s also the biggest Palo Verde party of the year!  Please turn in your RSVP form and join the party.

If you still can’t make it, you can make a tax-deductible donation toward our Direct Appeal Campaign: to buy 22 new collapsible tables for the MP Room.