News: May 7, 2010


May 9:            Mother’s Day Fun Run, 9AM
May 12:          PTA Coffee, 8:15AM
May 13:          Restaurant Night, Mountain Mike’s
May 15:          International Fair, 4-7PM
May 18:          Site Council Meeting, 3:30PM
May 19:          Picnic Dinner/Open House 6PM-7:45PM
May 20:          Talent Show, MP Room, 6:30PM
May 21:          5th Grade Eaglesburg, MP Room
May 31:          No School
June 2:           PTA Coffee
June 10:         Last Day of School 

Palo Verde School and PTA News

From the Desk of Lupe Garcia….

Dear Palo Verde Parents,
Please note the information below regarding our classroom placement procedure.  If after you review the process you would like to provide us with information about your child, complete the attached form, address it to Lupe Garcia, and hand it in to Chris McGranahan in the Main Office by Thursday, May 20, 2010.
Classroom Placement Procedure for 2010-2011:
There are a variety of factors that the Palo Verde staff considers when we begin the process of developing classroom groups for the following school year. These perspectives include:

The needs of the individual child

The need to create balance within each classroom

The need to create balance among classrooms at grade level

Using these guiding principles, considerable thought and attention go into formulating classes that will work best for all students, as well as for the individual child.
Individual Child
Compatibility between the child’s working style and the classroom environment. Compatibility between the child’s learning style and the teacher’s instructional style.  (Note: even in the case of teachers new to the school, their teaching style is not an unknown.  Each of our staff members will has gone through an extensive interview process and has been observed teaching in the classroom.) Compatibility of the child and other children in the class.  

Balanced Classroom Composition
Learning Needs: does each class reflect the range of learners, from independent to needing special support?  Does each class reflect the range of academic abilities? Individual relationships: will the social dynamics of the class work to foster a positive learning environment?

Gender: is there a balance of boys and girls in the class?
Ethnicity: Does each class reflect the diversity of all children in that grade?
Parental participation: does each class have parents who are interested in and able to help with in-class activities?

Balance Among Classrooms
Finally, are all classrooms at the same grade level “balanced” and have similar compositions? This may include such variables as balancing children who tend to be more “time intensive” (both behaviorally and academically), students new to the school, students for whom English is a second language, etc.
We take the classroom placement process seriously. We always try to put the most important educational interests of the children in the forefront, and we expect parents will trust and respect the judgement of the staff in making placement decisions.
Parent input plays a part in this process too. Although your child’s teachers are in the best position to see your child as a learner in the school setting, you bring the unique perspective of the parents, which can be useful to the grouping process. Any information that you think is relevant please put in writing by completing the Class Grouping Form, which will help you organize the information. 

Requests for specific teachers will not be considered.  Please do not make such a request. Make sure to turn in the input form at the Main Office by Thursday, May 20, 2010.  If you feel that your child may have some special needs for next year that cannot be addressed on the parent input form, please make arrangements to see me personally before the deadline.

One final thought… although this activity begins at the end of May, a number of variables and unpredictable factors, such as late registrants, the need to realign classes, potential staff changes, and so on, delay the final class grouping assignments until shortly before school begins in the fall. For this reason, and to avoid having class lists announced, only to be changed, class lists will not be posted in the school office until August 20, 2010, the Friday before school begins. 

Warmest regards,
Lupe Garcia

Green Wednesdays = Walk & Bike To School + Zero Waste Snack And Lunch
PTA Bike Traffic Safety and the Green Team are launching a new tradition by celebrating Earth Day every Wednesday. We would like to encourage Palo Verde families and school staff to green commutes on Wednesdays and choosing reusable containers and bottles for snacks and lunches to have as little trash as possible.

Join us Palo Verde! 

Enjoy A Mother’s Day Run and Palo Verde Wins Too
Celebrate Mother’s Day, May 9th with The 8th Annual Running of the Bulls 5k and Running of the Calves’ Kids’ Fun Runs.  ace includes a free track clinic for kids aged 5-12, so parents can run the race. The 5k race and kids’ clinic start at 9AM.  The Diaper Derby kicks off the Running of the Calves at 10:00AM, and concludes with a junior high mile.  Distances range from 100m to a mile.    

Finally, all mothers who participate will get a free Mother’s Day Brunch (11AM -3 PM) at the British Banker’s Club. It would “behoove” you to make a reservation by calling 650-327-8769.  

One hundred percent of proceeds will be donated to the following organizations:

Palo Verde Elementary School
A Foundation Building Strength
Gunn HS Senior Class
From Our Feet

 As a fundraiser, the race will donate $5 of your child’s entry fee back to Palo Verde. For more information, please go to 

Restaurant Night
Please join us at Mountain Mike’s on Thursday, May 13 (all day during
regular business hours) for our May Restaurant Night!  20% of all proceeds go straight back to Palo Verde.  It’s a chance to have some fun and help the school at the same time!

International Fair & Food Festival – Saturday,  May 15th  2010, 4 – 7 PM
Enjoy the adventure of first-hand experience of varied cultures. See the arts and crafts, hear the sounds and be entertained. Have fun with your passport! Visit and explore over 8 countries and feel the ambiance of world travel. See the smiles on your kids’ faces as they enjoy all the fun and celebrate the cultural diversity of our community.
Taste your way around the world with international culinary favorites from Norway, Mexico, the Middle East, Morrocco, Thailand, the Netherlands, Israel, India, Italy, China and more. Also enjoy food and refreshment from local restaurants:  Peacock Indian Restaurant, Subway, Philz Cafe and many more. Bring friends and family to enjoy! The proceeds from the food festival will go to PTA.
We need both volunteers and food contributions. Your own culinary creations or your favorite store bought contributions are needed to make this event a huge success. Any quantity contributions are welcome.
If you would like to volunteer or contribute please contact:  Ritu Das (, Dipti Joshi ( or Priya Junnarkar (

Goats for Haiti
Relief International will have a table at the International Fair on May 15 to raise funds for their “GOATS for HAITI” campaign.Donate $25 to purchase a young, healthy goat for a family in. Your sustainable gift will provide milk and potential long-term income for the Haitian families displaced by the January earthquake.
Relief International will donate 20% of all funds collected to the Palo Verde PTA.
With the purchase of more than one goat you will receive a FREE T-shirt or a large stainless water bottle.
Contact Touria Javid ( or visit for more information or to make an on-line donation.

 Open House:  May 19, 2010
We would like to invite our community to begin the evening by having a POTLUCK “Dinner on the Green” before visiting classrooms.  This would be a great opportunity to sit with family and friends in a relaxed manner, perhaps meet new families as well, before going into the classrooms to see the wonderful student projects and displays.  The evening schedule is as follows:
· 6:00 – 6:30           Picnic Dinner on The Green
· 6:30 – 7:45           Visit Classrooms
Please join us for an extremely enjoyable evening of food, followed by the classroom visits.