News: October 1, 2010


Sept. 30:       Sprit Gear Orders Due

Oct. 6:           International Walk to School Day

Oct. 8-11:      No School

Oct. 13:         Coffee with Principal Brown, 8am

Oct. 17:         Harvest Fair, 2-4pm

Oct. 29:         Parents’ Cofeee, 10 am; Holloween Parade, 10:30am

Nov. 16-18:     Book Fair with Kepler’s

Palo Verde School and PTA News

Noon Games in the MP Room on Tuesdays!

Starting Tuesday, October 5th. This Event is open to Grades 1-5. Parents if you would like to help, please email me!  —  Araceli Aleman; aaleman71 (at) yahoo dot com

Find Your Voice

Please take some time to read the latest Voice included in your child’s Friday Folder. You will find a lot of information regarding upcoming Palo Verde events and opportunities.

Save a Safeway Receipt & Help Palo Verde Raise $$$

Have you shopped at Safeway in the last few months? If so, then you have been raising money for Palo Verde and don’t even know it! And now it’s time to claim those $$$ for Palo Verde!

If you have shopped at Safeway during the last month, Safeway and its suppliers have been setting aside a pool of funds to donate to an eScrip school, such as Palo Verde, for each qualified purchase you made.

If you are registered with eScrip, your job is done – the funds you raised will automatically flow to Palo Verde’s eScrip account.

If you are NOT registered for eScrip, you can still play a HUGE role! Safeway has been setting aside the pool of funds from your purchases and Palo Verde can easily claim them. It’s easy to do!

Between now and October 12th, your Safeway receipts will include a special Reward Redemption Code toward the bottom.  Please drop off a recent Safeway receipt in the school office BY OCTOBER 12TH and our eScrip coordinator (Callie Turk) will enter the code to claim the pool of funds that you have earned. Or, find that code and email it to callie_turk (at)

Not at all! This should take only a minute or two of your time – but can mean BIG $$$ for our school!

Please contact Callie Turk, eScrip Coordinator, at callie_turk (at)

Palo Verde Walks & Rolls to school on Wednesday, October 6th.

We will join children around the world who are choosing alternatives to solo driving to school by walking, biking, skating, riding the bus, and carpooling to celebrate International Walk to School Day.
Trips to school can be an adventure when we walk and bike together. Try it once or twice a week if you can’t do it every day. If you live too far to walk or bike to school, you can help by sharing the ride – carpool with another family or take the bus whenever possible.

Students using green transportation will  get a Walk & Roll sticker and a punch card. They get their cards punched each Wednesday  they walk, bike, carpool or take the bus to school by our volunteers in the morning near the front office or at the gate by room 1. When the punch card is completed have your student bring it to the front office to receive a small present. This is a part of our Green Wednesdays effort to reduce car trips to school and it will run until the end of the school year. Additional punch cards will be available every Wednesday morning from our volunteers.

If you have any questions please send an email to Silvie and George at:  Let’s Walk & Roll!

The Palo Verde Harvest Fair is coming!

The Palo Verde Harvest Fair will be Sunday, October 17th, from 2 – 4 pm at Palo Verde School.  This is a fun family activity that offers carnival games with prizes for the kids, a bake sale with goodies made by our own Palo Verde bakers and the opportunity to meet and socialize with other Palo Verde families.  Admission is FREE.  To volunteer, sign up outside your classroom or email saunderz(at)