News: October 15, 2010


Oct. 17:         Harvest Fair, 2-4pm
Oct. 29:         Parents’ Cofeee, 10 am; Holloween Parade, 10:30am
Nov. 16-18:     Book Fair with Kepler’s

Palo Verde School and PTA News

From our PTA President….
Dear Palo Verde Families,

Did you hear that a virtual 9.0 earthquake struck Palo Verde this past Tuesday morning?  The shaking required students to duck and cover under their desks for a full minute.  After the dramatic trembling stopped, teachers evacuating their classrooms discovered that a few exits were blocked by damage or debris and that some students and staff members had been injured during the quake. 

Fortunately, Tuesday’s earthquake was only a simulated disaster.  But the staff and students treated the drill seriously and practiced their procedures for handling a real emergency.  Our teachers and staff are currently evaluating their performances to address any areas that need improvement.  Principal Brown said the students behaved wonderfully throughout the drill. 

Ask your children about what happened in their classrooms that day.  My son and I talked about the length of a minute.  If you’re building Legos, a minute isn’t very long.  But if you are crouched under your desk waiting for the world to stop shaking, a minute becomes a very long time.

On October 21, Palo Verde will participate in the Great California ShakeOut, a statewide disaster drill.  This is another opportunity for the school to practice its evacuation processes.  It is also a great day to review your own family’s disaster plans.  If you are trapped at work, who will pick up your children from school in an emergency?  You can learn about the Great ShakeOut at

I hope to see you all at the Harvest Fair this Sunday!

Heather Schultz

Green Wednesday Punch Cards
Parents and caregivers, if your children walk, bicycle, scooter, skateboard, carpool with a friend or ride the bus to school on Wednesday morning, remind them to come by the play structure to get their cards punched. Our volunteers will be there every Wednesday between 8:00 to 8:15am.

Your green commute will help ease the heavy traffic around Palo Verde on Wednesday mornings.

Questions? E-mail Silvie at: silviep (at) att dot net

The Palo Verde Harvest Fair is coming THIS WEEKEND!!
The Palo Verde Harvest Fair will be Sunday, October 17th, from 2 – 4 pm at Palo Verde School.  This is a fun family activity that offers carnival games with prizes for the kids, a bake sale with goodies made by our own Palo Verde bakers and the opportunity to meet and socialize with other Palo Verde families.  Admission is FREE and everyone is welcome.

Harvest Fair Bake Sale
Harvest Fair Bake SaleThe Palo Verde Harvest Fair Bake Sale is coming up on Sun., Oct. 17, 2 – 4pm.  We rely on your generous baked good contributions to make the bake sale a success.  Treats can be dropped off beginning at 1:30pm on Oct. 17 at Palo Verde.  Thank you for your help!

Questions?  Please contact Mala Nayak at nayakfamily (at) earthlink dot net or  Maria Zajac at mcz_1 (at) yahoo dot com

Halloween Costumes Reminder
As you begin planning for Halloween, we ask that parents and students please consider the appropriateness of the costume for school. Simple, creative costumes can be assembled from things you already have at home.


· Toy guns, toy knives, or any other pretend or real weapons

· No blood or gore is allowed as well

Earthquake Survival Kits
Today, you can still place an on-line order for Earthquake Survival Kits through  Be sure to indicate Palo Verde Elementary at check out.  If you order by Oct. 15 and choose “Event Delivery” as the shipping option with Palo Verde Elementary School as the shipping address, you will pay no shipping charges.  Your kits will be delivered to school.

New School Calendars – Comments Due Tuesday
The proposed new school year calendars for 2011-12 and 2012-13 are currently available at the PAUSD website.  The proposed calendars do contain significant changes from previous years, including an earlier start date in August and earlier ending date in May.  An explanation of the process for developing the calendar and the reasons behind the changes is available on the website.  The time period for open comments from parents, students, staff and the community is NOW. 

To provide input on the proposed calendars, email comments to prior to October 19, 2010.

Sally Foster Fundraiser
Ordering Sally Foster Gift Wrap Supports Palo Verde Elementary

This year, all Sally Foster ordering is being done online with all orders sent directly to the purchaser. There are two ways you can order Sally Foster Gift Wrap. Up to 40 percent of gift wrap purchases go to Palo Verde Elementary. Here are the two ways you can purchase gift wrap:

 One Way: Simply Order Online by…….

1.       Go to

2.       On the upper right-hand corner, click on “Support a Fundraiser”

3.       Click “Give Credit to School Or Group”

4.       Enter in the Palo Verde Elementary School Account Number: 357833

a.       Or fill out contact information form with

                       i.      Palo Verde Elementary School

                       ii.      Palo Alto, CA

5.       Click “Continue”

6.       Confirm Palo Verde Elementary as your chosen school

7.       Start ordering

8.       Your order, once purchased, will be sent to your home directly.

Second Way: Purchase/Sell Gift Cards to Friends and Family by……

1.       Selling gift cards in increments of $20

2.       Write buyers name, phone number and email address on the space provided beneath the card(s) purchased.

3.        On the back of the gift card write:

a.       The Palo Verde Elementary Account Number: 357833

b.      Write our school’s estimated gift card activation date: 11/8

4.       Gift card buyers can visit and shop immediately. Although, orders will ship to the buyer’s home once their gift card is activated.  Buyer will receive a confirmation email once order has been shipped.

5.       Return the 3-fold Sally Foster booklet to the Office by 10/29. These folders get sent back to Sally Foster so they can activate the gift cards purchased via the bar codes on the folder.