News: October 29, 2010


Nov. 1-9:  Costume Drive

Nov. 2:   Election Day

Nov. 10:  Principal’s Coffee, 8 a.m.

Nov. 11:  Holiday -Veteran’s Day

Nov. 16-18:  Kepler’s Book Fair

Nov. 24-28:  Thanksgiving Break

Palo Verde School and PTA News

From our PTA President……. 

Dear Palo Verde Families,

I wish you a safe, fun, festive weekend, and hopefully not too soggy.  When you send your little pumpkins, princesses, and pirates back to school on Monday, Principal Brown has requested that they bring no more than two pieces of candy in their lunch boxes.

Tuesday is Election Day across the country, an opportunity for citizens to vote for elected officials and on new propositions.  The California PTA tracks legislation in the state that concerns “the care and protection of children and youth”.   If you would like to learn more about current laws being considered in the California legislature, you can peruse the advocacy section of the California PTA website:   

Warmest wishes,
Heather Schultz

Costumes and Dress-Ups Charity Collection

In the rural village of Tamahu, high in the mountains of Guatemala, is a preschool and afterschool program that Friends of the Poor helped build so children of the village may learn Spanish in order to be successful in elementary school. Children who don’t participate in the program have a 70% drop out rate in school, while graduates from our program have a 30% drop out rate.

Palo Verde can help these kids by donating old Halloween costumes and children’s dress-up clothes. Like all kids, the children of Tamahu love to play dress-up, but because they live so far away from any large cities, they cannot get new costumes.

My name is Mieko Temple, and I’m a student at Paly High School.  As a Palo Verde alumni, I know how caring the Palo Verde community is. We will have a costume drive November 1-9.  Please drop your costumes and dress-up items in the collection box at the front of the school.  Thank you for helping Tamahu and its children!

Please Renew or Add Your Safeway Club Card with eScrip by 11/1!

Do you know how to double your eScrip contributions? Be sure your Safeway Club Card is registered with eScrip! Last year, families who had a Safeway Club Card registered with eScrip raised, on average, TWICE as much money through their eScrip contributions.


As part of its work with eScrip, Safeway asks eScrip participants to renew their Club Card in the eScrip system by November 1. It’s really easy to do and shouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time. Just go to, click on the Safeway renewal icon, and follow the simple instructions.


If you’re like me, you just enter your phone number into the system when you shop at Safeway and it automatically knows your Safeway Club Card number and/or you lost your card years ago. You can still add your Safeway Club Card Number! Just call 1-877-723-3929 (select Option 3) and the Safeway Customer Service team will help you identify your Club Card Number. 

Please contact our eScrip Coordinator and Room 5 mom, Callie Turk, at callie_turk (at) yahoo dot com with any questions.

Rainy Day School Commutes

Even if it is predicted to rain, families can still choose safe, environmentally friendly transportation alternatives. Remember that forecasted rain in the Bay Area usually lasts only for a short while, leaving school commute times sunny and dry. If the weather is clear in the morning, students can set out on foot or on bikes. If the weather is particularly bad in the afternoon, parents still can opt to pick up then.

Gear Up for Rain!

Rainy day walks to school are a fun adventure and a good learning experience for young children. On your way, point out how the world changes in the rain.  Enjoy the sounds, smells and sights that come with these natural changes.  Gear up to enjoy a little puddle jumping on the way.  Dressing children in brightly colored umbrellas, boots, ponchos and/or raincoats insures they will be comfortable and safely visible in inclement weather.

Safety Tips for Slick Streets

Teach your child to be more cautious and alert than usual. Drivers are often frustrated and in a hurry because of the extra congestion that comes with rain. Also, since wet streets are slick, young children should be taught that it takes vehicles longer to stop.  Learning and practicing these fundamental rainy day street skills now prepares children to navigate streets safely when they become more independent.    When you drive on rainy days, please allow yourself extra time so you can reduce your speed to avoid slipping. All road users should be vigilant in these conditions.

Set Up a Rainy Day Carpool

If you can’t walk or bike, consider carpooling to help reduce overcrowding in the school parking lot and surrounding street systems. Talk with the families you see on your walking or bicycling school route. Make an arrangement in advance and have the phone numbers of rainy day carpool partners ready so it is easy to find someone to share a ride when the clouds burst.  Let’s each do our part to reduce congestion and support safe, environmentally friendly school commutes.

Thank you.

Silvia and George Pierce
Palo Verde Traffic Safety Reps

School Photos

School photos have arrived.  Please look for your child’s photo the week of October 25th.  School photo retakes will be Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

If you would like your child’s photo retaken, please keep the class picture and return the individual photos, along with the envelope, and their photo will be retaken.  (Please read the photo retake policy in your packet).

Students who were absent on the first photo day will have their photos taken, for school records, and parents can submit an order form to purchase photos.  Please come to the office to pick up a form.  If you have any questions, please contact the Palo Verde Office.

Save Money & Support Palo Verde Elementary

MyTownDeal is a new website for families in Silicon Valley that offers great discounts for local families. 5% of all your purchases go to Palo Verde Elementary.

Offers available this month includes 50% OFF SNIP ITS KIDS HAIRCUTS and 75% OFF FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY. Previous offers included 50% off at stores like Adventure Toys, Cheeky Monkey Toys, Red Mango Frozen Yogurt & Hobee’s.

MyTownDeal is also running a contest through October 31 – $500 for the school with the most new subscribers. We’re close to winning. Please use this referral link to sign-up: or enter Palo Verde’s name at the sign-up or checkout page.

How MyTownDeal works in a few simple steps!

1. Sign-up to get notified of deals via email just 2-3 times a week.

2. When you get the email, you’ll have a few days to buy the deal online with your credit card. Don’t miss it!

3. You’ll get a voucher good for your purchase via email 1-2 days later. You typically have 3-12 months to redeem it.

4. You take the voucher to the store, enjoy your purchase and save!