News: September 10, 2010


Sept. 10:       International Potluck & Social
Sept. 17:       Walk-a-Thon fundraiser
Sept. 20:       PTA Executive Board Meeting, 8:20am
Sept. 21:       Restaurant Night @ Armadillo Willy’s
Sept. 29:       PTA General Membership Meeting, 7:00pm, MP Room
Sept. 30:       Sprit Gear Orders Due
Oct. 6:          International Walk to School Day
Oct. 8-11:      No School
Oct. 17:         Harvest Fair

Palo Verde School and PTA News

From our PTA President…….

Dear Palo Verde Families,

Our school year is off to a fabulous start!  It was a pleasure to see so many parents on Wednesday morning for the Principal’s Coffee and to watch all our happy summer student readers recognized by Librarian Laura at the school assembly.  

This evening’s International Potluck & Social is a wonderful opportunity to gather together as a community.  This is a free event open to your whole family, bring your older children and younger, bring grandma and grandpa.  When you come tonight, please reach out and introduce yourself to a family you haven’t yet met.  One reason I love Palo Verde is because of the warmth and friendliness within our “school family”.

I also want to correct an error in last week’s eNews.  Our first PTA General Membership meeting will occur on Wednesday evening, September 29th. Due to a parent education meeting taking place at the PAUSD offices on September 22nd, we rescheduled our meeting to the next week.  Please do mark the date of the 29th on your calendars.  Sorry for any confusion.

Finally, thank you very much to all our families who have promptly returned their one-check forms and volunteer surveys to the office.  You make our school great!
With warmest regards,
Heather Schultz
PTA President

Easy Access to Math Instructional Materials at Home!

It is important to Palo Verde  to ensure that all families have easy access to instructional materials for use at home.  Your students may want to use them in order to complete homework, and parents may be interested in seeing the materials their children are using to learn mathematics. 

Everyday Mathematics instructional materials are available to students and their families through the Internet at  These online resources are available to students at home and at school through the use of a login and password assigned to each student.  

We encourage all families to enjoy these online resources through public libraries, school homework labs, and other community centers.  If your family does not have a computer and/or access to the Internet at home, students are welcome to take the hard copy of their Student Reference Book home for their use as needed.  

If your children have not yet received a login and password that allows them to access these online resources, please contact your child’s teacher who will provide you with this information.  Please also let your child’s teacher know if you do not have Internet access at home so that he/she can help your child remember to bring home the Student Reference Book when needed for homework. 

Back To School Potluck 

It’s time to meet & greet and reconnect after the summer break. It’s time for Palo Verde’s annual Back to School International Potluck!  Bring a main dish or a side dish to share. PTA will provide drinks and dessert items. Please bring your own reusable plates, cups and utensils from home to help us reduce waste and expenses
When: Friday, September 10, 2010 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Where: Palo Verde black top
Your help will be a key factor in making this event a success. If you can help out for about 30 minutes, please send an email to Dipti Joshi at dsonak at yahoo dot com
For any other questions, please contact: Dipti Joshi at dsonak at yahoo dot com or 650-506-0951

Spirit Gear on Display at Potluck Social
During next Friday’s Potluck Social, selected Palo Verde logo items will be on sale and on display.  Some “vintage” items are only available at this sale, not through future orders.  Please bring your checkbook for purchasing. Volunteers are welcome.

Show off your school spirit by wearing the Palo Verde logo!
If you have questions please contact Ritu Das (rituparnad at yahoo dot com).

Walk-a-thon Friday

The 6th Annual Palo Verde Walk-a-thon is next Friday, Sept. 17th. A flyer and donation sheet arrived home in your child’s Friday folder today, Friday, Sept 10th.  

The Palo Verde Walk-a-thon is a school fundraiser sponsored by the Palo Verde PTA. It also kicks off the Palo Verde Walking Club, which occurs each Wednesday during lunch time.  

Last year, parents raised more than $4,000! The money helped pay for new playground equipment and needed technology items in the classrooms. This year, money raised from the Walk-a-thon will be used to help fund students’ lunch time activities, including Noon Art, Noon Games, YMCA activities and Walking Club, as well as purchase additional playground games, balls and equipment.  

While every child participates and receives a Palo Verde water bottle, we do hope that parents will make a tax-deductible donation based on participation. (There are no per-lap contributions.)  Look for the flyer and donation form in your child’s Friday folder. All the information you need is there.  

We will see you on the Palo Verde Field next Friday, the 17th. And remember, “Those Who Walk, Rock!”

Safeway’s 10% Back to Schools – Final Days

 Through September 14th, manufacturers of over 5,000 products sold in Safeway stores will contribute an additional 10% of sales as part of Safeway’s Back to Schools program.  If your Safeway Club Card is already registered with eScrip, the contributions you earn will automatically be sent to Palo Verde. 

Families who have not registered their Safeway Club cards with eScrip will receive a coupon at the end of the sales period that can be used to donate the funds to the school of their choice. In late September, we’ll send around instructions about redeeming your rewards to benefit Palo Verde.

After School Programs

The following programs are still accepting registrations:
French – Monday
Chess- Wednesday
Basketball – Wednesday
Spanish – Thursday
Hindi – Friday

Please come by the office to pick up information/registration forms.
Stanford Educational Program for Gifted Youth

Enrollment is now open for Palo Verde Students to participate in a community-based extracurricular offfering for the 2010-2011 School Year.

The Stanford Educational Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) is a web based math and language arts tutorial program.  Developed with the gifted student in mind, Stanford has found that EPGY is valuable FOR ALL LEVEL OF STUDENT.  EPGY starts at the K-5 level and continues with course offerings through secondary school, including AP and college level, thus providing a runway that parallels potential academic trajectory in school.  See:

EPGY is being offered to ALL STUDENTS as a parent-supported, extracurricular opportunity, in conjunction with Palo Verde PTA or PAUSD. It is not part of curriculum and is purely optional at the discretion of parents as to whether it would be useful for their children.  Neither Stanford nor the EPGY program is endorsed or sponsored by Palo Verde PTA, but we wanted to take advantage of the benefits of participating as a school community – substantial cost discounts and a “no test-in” policy, which helps provide access to this unique program for all.   

Cost will be $135 PER SCHOOL YEAR. On your own, the cost would be around $165 PER MONTH.    This is for access to what EPGY calls its “elementary level” program, including math from the K-2 level ending at Pre-algebra (grade 7), and English covering the 3rd-6th grade level.  Access to secondary school curriculum must be done on an individual basis.  Existing EPGY families can take advantage of the new pricing. On your own, there would be an assessment test requirement to gain access to the program for kids over six. 
EPGY is web-based, and can be done where/when is convenient for the family.  Kids can do their EPGY sessions at home, or wherever there’s a supervised computer with Internet access.  Depending on the level of interest at Palo Verde, we can work together to design an EPGY club and/or work with the school and child care providers to find opportunities for extracurricular computer time.  

Children progress at their own paces through the program.  Courses are arranged in six different learning strands.  The student cycles through the strands and is moved forward in each strand independent of their performance in other strands, giving the student the opportunity to fully master each concept.

Stanford’s educational expertise is brought to your child through EPGY.  Stanford continually assesses the effectiveness of exercises to improve the program.  Your student receives the expertise of a world-class university in their everyday coursework, including access to online tutors.

Parents are provided with valuable monitoring capabilities.  With a few keystrokes you can bring up reports on your student’s progress, replaying an entire learning session if you like.  It is quick and easy to pinpoint any areas where the student needs support or extra challenge.

To register go the EPGY District Open Enrollment page at . Fill out the registration form and select “Palo Alto” for the district then write or type in “Palo Verde”. It takes a few days or less to get accounts up and running.  

To ask questions or indicate interest in EPGY please call Pak Panitchpakdi, Palo Verde EPGY Coordinator, at 650-424-6409 or send email to pakpanitchpakdi at hotmail dot com. Please include the following information in your email when you express interest: Your child’s or children’s names and grades, parent/guardian names and your phone number/e-mail. Please visit our Yahoo Group

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