News: September 26, 2008


Wed.        October 1             PTA General Meeting     8:30 AM, MP Room

Bicycle Safety Class       7 – 8:30 PM, MP Room

October 3 – 17      Sally Foster Sales          All Grades

Sunday   October 5               Harvest Fair                 3 – 5 PM, Blacktop

Wed.      October 8               Walk to School Day       All Grades

Wed.      October 15             3rd Grade Bike Rodeo   3rd Grade Only, Blacktop

From the PTA President

October is a busy month, kicking off with the PTA General Meeting on October 1st, followed by the Palo Verde Harvest Fair on Sunday, October 5th and the Palo Verde Walks and Rolls event on Wednesday, October 8th. Below are details about these events.

On October 1st, the PTA General Meeting is in the Multi-Purpose Room following the morning’s assembly. Everyone is welcome to attend and those who are PTA members can vote on items up for approval. We will be discussing and voting on several important items that directly impacts the school and our community. These include: (1) the PTA 2008-2009 Budget; (2) the PTA-Sponsored Events Calendar; and (3) Measure N, the library bond on November’s ballot. We hope you can join
us and participate in this important meeting.

On October 5th, the Palo Verde Harvest Fair is from 3-5 pm at Palo Verde. This free, fun family activity offers carnival games with prizes for the kids, a bake sale with goodies, hot dogs and drinks and the opportunity to meet and socialize with the Palo Verde community. We hope to see everyone there!

On October 8th, Palo Alto Unified School District students along with children around the globe will choose alternatives to solo driving to school by walking, biking, skating, riding the bus, and carpooling to celebrate International Walk to School Day. Palo Verde’s activities planned for October 8th include a student-created “Foot Power” collage and prizes to be raffled off for participants during the morning assembly.

Kim Amsbaugh
PTA President
Amsbaugh (at) gmail dot com

Send in Your Safeway Receipts and Club Card Numbers!

If you visited Safeway during the Safeway/eScrip “10% Back to Schools” buying period (August 6 – September 9), you may have earned rebates that can benefit our school.  Rebate totals and redemption codes began printing on Safeway receipts on September 12.  Please send any receipts or Safeway Club Card numbers that you collect to school with your child by Monday, September 29.  Every child who submits a valid card number or redemption code will receive a small thank you gift and the classroom that turns in the most card numbers and receipts will win a prize!

If you registered with eScrip before August 1, there’s no need to send in your own receipt or Club Card number.  Your rebates will flow to Palo Verde automatically.  However, we encourage you to collect Club Card numbers and receipts from your co-workers, neighbors, families and friends!

It’s Time to Renew Your Club Card with eScrip!

Current eScrip supporters should visit to renew your Safeway Club Card before November 1.  There is a password recovery feature if you can’t recall your password.  Please also review and update all of your registered credit cards and debit cards.  Rebates to Palo Verde cease when your cards expire.

Not Signed Up Yet?
Please visit and today to start contributing to our school when you shop online and around town.  It’s safe, easy, powerful and FREE!

Palo Verde Walks & Rolls on October 8th

On October 8th Palo Alto Unified School District students along with children around the globe will choose alternatives to solo driving to school by walking, biking, skating, riding the bus, and carpooling to celebrate International Walk to School Day. Palo Verde will join the fun!

Activities planned for October 8th at Palo Verde include a student-created “Foot Power”collage, and prizes to be raffled off for participants at the morning assembly.

The City of Palo Alto, PAUSD, and the Palo Alto Council of PTAs have formed a Safe Routes to School partnership focused on reducing risk for students on their school commutes and encouraging more families to use alternatives to driving to school more often.  The Walk & Roll event emphasizes the benefits of using alternatives other than solo driving as often as possible.

Walking & Biking Is A Healthy Habit
The healthy lifetime habit of getting regular exercise is more fun when we do it together. It builds community, bringing friends and family together before and after school. Also, students who get light exercise on their way to school arrive better prepared to learn.

“Safety In Numbers” Works

Parents are more likely to allow children to walk and bicycle when they are in safe company.  Drivers are more alert to pedestrians and bicyclists when they are present in numbers.  Most importantly, fewer cars on school routes means less risk for everyone.

A Greener Planet
We all want to reduce the environmental impacts of automobiles.  Many of us can’t do it every day.  If we do it when we can, even once or twice a week, we can break the habit of picking up car keys every time we go anywhere and experience our community in a new way.  Each reduced car trip helps our planet.

Join the fun!  Walk & Roll to school with your (school name) friends on October (date).

*Palo Alto Council of PTAs thanks Palo Alto Medical Foundation and the City of Palo Alto for their support of this program.

Get Ready for Gift Wrap and Cookie Dough!

Our fundraiser featuring Sally Foster® gift wrap, gifts, and Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough is just around the corner! The funds we raise will go towards school site improvements, funding programs like Noon Art and Noon Games, events such as the Harvest Fair and International Fair, and updating technology in the classrooms, including the purchase of scanners, DVD players, digital cameras, and color printers.

The fundraiser will include:

  • Premium gift wrap
  • Gifts for everyone
  • Chocolates and cookie dough

And, everything is $20 or less!
50% of every purchase goes directly to Palo Verde!
Watch for the Sally Foster catalog coming home on Friday, October 3rd

Celebrate Your Talents!

Come join thousands of other students and participate in the National PTA Reflections Program.

The theme for 2008 – 2009 year program is “WOW.

You can express your creativity through the six categories below.  You may enter as many categories as you wish.

  • Literature
  • Visual Arts
  • Dance Choreography
  • Film Production
  • Photography
  • Music Composition

Please visit the Reflections Program gallery at to see what other kids did last year.
The link to the entry forms and rules for each category is:

All entry forms are due at the Palo Verde Office by October 17th, 2008.

Please contact Shirley Chin at amchin (at) sbcglobal (dot) net if you have any questions.

Canopy Walk on October 11

Please join visiting certified arborist and Bay Area tree expert Ted Kipping as he leads Canopy’s next Tree Walk through the Palo Verde neighborhood.

Ted has been involved with the selection and planting of San Francisco’s trees for 40 years and worked alongside Canopy’s sister organization Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) to create some of San Francisco’s most interesting and beautiful allées of street trees.  Now a consulting arborist with Tree Shapers, Ted is still an active volunteer with FUF and provides lectures, demonstrations and workshops on aspects of arboriculture, regional horticulture and specialty pruning subjects.  Ted brings his expertise to Palo Alto and will educate attendees on the interesting variety of trees in the Palo Verde neighborhood.

For more information about the Palo Verde Tree Walk please contact Canopy at (650) 964-6110 or

When: Saturday, October 11th, 10am-12pm

Where: Meet at the entrance to the Palo Verde Elementary School at 3450 Louis Rd. in Palo Alto

Canopy is a Palo Alto-based non-profit advocate for the urban forest and works to educate, inspire, and engage the community as stewards of young and mature trees.

Community Kiosk

For more information about Community Events please click here.

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