Volunteer Resources

Palo Verde PTA is run by volunteers. There are many volunteering opportunities at our school and we are always looking for volunteers. Whether you have an hour or more, whether you are available on weekdays or only on weekends, whether you are looking for a one time short term committment or a long term assignment, we have the opportunity for you. For a detailed list of volunteer job descriptions please click here.

Ongoing Volunteering Opportunities at Palo Verde.

  1. Yard Duty Volunteers Come to school during recess from 10:10-10:30 am or during lunch 12:00 pm- 12:45 PM to provide yard duty supervision while spending time with your child. This is a great opportunity for grandparents or parents who are unable to volunteer during other times. Please contact Principal Annora Lee, alee [at] pausd [dot] org to sign up.
  2. Nominating CommitteeThe Palo Verde PTA board is looking for three members to work on the 2019-20 nominating committee. The nominating committee will work with the PTA parliamentarian to seek out and recruit candidates interested in serving on the 2019-20 PTA board. All board positions are open to anyone interested in serving on the board. Volunteering on the nominating committee is a one time committment only. You will not be asked to serve on the committee again. Please contact president@pvpta.org to sign up or know more.
  3. Ice Skating Party (11 January 2019): Various positions available. Click here to view positions and sign up. For more information, contact Nicola (nicoladel@msn.com).Spring Social (23 February 2019): Various positions available. Click here to view positions and sign up. For more information, contact Nicola (nicoladel@msn.com).
  4. Spring Social (23 February 2019): Various positions available. Click here to view positions and sign up. For more information, contact Nicola (nicoladel@msn.com).
  5. Reading Garden: Come Play in the Garden! We’re growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in the kindergarten yard, and we need you!  Help kids connect with nature by planting seeds, weeding, and watering the planter beds. Read aloud stories about gardens, plants, the earth. Lead crafts related to plants. We meet Tuesdays from 12:00-12:50pm at the planters behind Room 3. Grades 1-5 can meet there until 12:30; kindergarteners until 12:45. No gardening skills are necessary. Stop by once or help multiple times! Contact Joslyn Leve, joslynml@hotmail.com, if you have any questions.
  6. Noon games Chair (available immediately): Wednesdays during lunch, once or twice monthly. Coordinate/set up board games in the MP Room or playground; reserve MP room; supervise students playing board games. Drop in volunteers welcome. For more information, contact Narusha (narusha@mathen.net).
  7. Walking Club Chair (2019/2020 school year): Every Wednesday during lunch but varies depending on volunteer availability and weather. Track laps, announce mileage at assemblies; purchase/distribute walkingcharms. Drop in volunteers welcome. For more information, contact Narusha (narusha@mathen.net).
  8. Family Movie Nights Chair (2019/2020 school year): Kid-friendly movies are shown in the MP Room on 2-3 Friday evenings in winter. Set event dates; select age-appropriate movie; rent popcorn machine; advertise event. For more information, contact Narusha (narusha@mathen.net).


In extreme circumstances, when we need to get information to our families quickly, flyers may be printed. Palo Verde PTA volunteers have access to the school copier and laminating machine.

All supplementary material, as with any other news, must be approved by Principal Lee.

To propose supplementary material, please leave a copy at the office by 3 p.m. Monday.

If it is approved, it will be your responsibility to:

  • print and photo-copy the number of flyers you need
  • collate the material (plase ask Jenny/Elaine in the school office for the count for each class)
  • Leave the flyers neatly bundled in teacher mail boxes in the office for distribution in the Friday folders.

Banners/Posters/Publicity Material

PTA volunteers have access to the supply room in the school office, school paper closet located across from the Principal’s office and the PTA closet located near Rm 13. Keys to both closets, if locked, are available with Jenny upon request .

If you would like to create permanent banners for your recurring/annual event, please contact president@pvpta.org. The PTA maybe be able to allocate funds.

Any reusable excess materials purchased out of PTA funds must be kept in the PTA closet for future use.

Thank you for all you do!

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