Thank you dear volunteers!

Reflecting back on the past few weeks, the PTA kicked off our first in-person event with the marionette show in December, followed by the ice-skating event last week and now we have the Spelling Bee coming up this Friday (1/28). We have also had an excellent turnout of volunteers to help us with the OnePaloAlto effort.

It was heartening to see the kids run around with their friends, parents catching up and the general sense of “community” – recapturing in a small way that feeling of belonging that we have been missing during the pandemic.

Behind the scenes though, none of these events could have been pulled off without the help of parent & community volunteers. Given the non-abating state of the pandemic and demands on everyone’s time – we are so grateful to each and every one of you who somehow managed to give us some of your time! 


Marionette Show: Yi Ma, Binish Rafi, Ali Bashir, Ling Zhu, Yi Ma, Shivani Jain, Vani Hombal & Abraham Bagherjeiran

Ice Skating Party: Crystal Siu, Molly Sandomire, Helen Lin, Wenjing Xue, Vivian Choi, Vidya Rangaswamy, Yi Ma, Lianne Zhang, Vani Hombal, Molly Sandomire, Rakhee Nishtala and Namma Mayseless-Yahav

Spelling Bee:  Nicole Preston, Vani Hombal, Rakhee Nishtala, Abraham Bagherjeiran

One Palo Alto Volunteers: Emilia Suviala, Kalista Kusnadi, Hang Ung, Orapim Tulyathan, Vivian Choi, Yoon Lee, Vidya Rangaswamy, Gabriel Fossati-Bellani, Hargun Mann, Dave Carlson , Danny Singh, Siri Sethi, Lianne Zhang, Vishal Mangla, Paige Cook, Chorvy Tor, Rakhee Nishtala and Binish Rafi

Apologies if I have missed anyone but please know that we are grateful for you. 

Once again, thank you to everyone who stepped up. You are what makes this community special. Looking forward to seeing more of our community members in future events – here is to making our Eagles soar!

With much gratitude,

Suju Rajan on behalf of our Palo Verde Elementary PTA Exec Board