News: October 19, 2012


October 25                           :   Palo Verde Dining for Dollars
October 30                           :  ABC Readers Training
October 31                           :  Halloween Costume Parade
November 4                          :  Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 7                          :  Math Night Around the World
November 7                          :   PTA Board Meeting/Coffee

Palo Verde PTA and School News

October Community Service Event

For October, the community service project for the school is collecting Spare Change so that the school can purchase new books for the new Mitchell Park library’s birthday. Thanks to kind donations of containers from many of you, each classroom now has a special “piggy bank” for collecting spare change now through the Book Fair. Palo Verde student body will get to choose what books are purchased at the Book Fair to donate to our neighborhood’s revamped city library, but before the students can vote, that spare change from the grocery store, or between the sofa cushions, or under the bed, or at the bottom or mom’s purse, or maybe from what the kids collect from turning in the family recycling at the recycling center, all needs to come to school to be collected in their classroom’s “piggy bank”.
Which class do you think can collect the most money? Since the goal of this project is to help make our community a better place, perhaps the best prize for the winning classroom will be that their vote gets to break a tie-vote on which books are purchased. Ultimately, we all win! Not only will the library put a special placard in the front cover of each book that proudly states the students of Palo Verde donated the books, but our children get to help give back to the library that they love to go to with their families; they get to share books they love to read with their community, and they get to see how even small amounts of coins can add up to make a big change at their library. Please help them bring in the spare change this month.
November Community Service Project
The November Community Service Project is a food drive, that will kick-off on Halloween Day. Please send a can of food, or other non-perishable food item, to school with your goblin on Halloween. Second Harvest Food Bank will be delivering barrels for food collection in time for Halloween, and our job will be to fill them from Halloween to November 19. Much of the early collections will be distributed to local food closets (S. Palo Alto Food Closet, Ecuminical Hunger Project, and other local areas) to help ensure that our local neighbors-in-need are cared for. We will keep filling the barrels to help Second Harvest Food Bank help all our neighbors of Santa Clara County. If you’d rather donate a Safeway gift Card so that perishable items can be purchased by the recipient institution, a donation box will be placed in the front office. Thank you in advance for your continued generosity. The kids really got a kick out of watching the food pile up last year! For questions, or to find out what days perishable items can be accepted, please contact Jana
Hats Off To You, Palo Verde! Over $5,100 Raised Through Fall Party Book
We’re happy to report that the 2nd Annual Fall Party Book was a smashing success! We raised over $5,100 for the Palo Verde PTA and sold out many of the events planned for this fall and winter. Special thank you’s to all parents who are hosting events in the coming months – the Fall Party Book wouldn’t be possible without you! And, to all of you who purchased tickets – enjoy your events and start brainstorming party and gathering ideas for the Spring Auction! Lastly, a few parties still have spots, so be on the look out for emails and other information from party hosts about ways to join in the fun. Your Fall Party Book Team (Junghee, Rebecca, Callie & Maxine)

Save The Date! Math Night at Palo Verde, MP Room: Math Around the World

Sponsored by the Palo Verde PTA
Wednesday, November 7th 2012, 6:00-7:45 PM
Take a mathematical trip around the world! Timeless games from many areas of the globe are offered to challenge students’ skills in using probability, logic, and strategy. From Native American Game Sticks to Lo-Shu Puzzles of China, students exercise their ability to focus and problem-solve – traits necessary for succeeding in math. Maps as well as historical information blend social studies and geography with mathematics.
Volunteers needed to assist with the stations. To volunteer, please contact Theivanai Palaniappan at theivanai_p (at) hotmail dot com
Mileage Tracker Forms for October
Thank you for choosing green commute options to school. The traffic safety team will be collecting the mileage tracker forms for October next week. Please drop your child’s form in the big envelope marked “Green Commute Mileage Tracker Forms” outside your child’s classroom.
We would like to hear feedback from families that are commute pooling. Please contact anjani dot sarma at gmail dot com or silviep at att dot net to tell us how it is working out for you or if you need any help coordinating it.
Tasting Week Visits Palo Verde
On Tuesday, October 16, chefs from Google and the Ritz Carlton visited four Palo Verde classes as part of Tasting Week. Kids were able to make their own butter, taste and learn about salts and peppers from around the world and enjoy a range of sweet and savory toppings.
Tasting Week is an association that invites chefs to schools to meet children and together discover, enjoy, and share new tastes and food. Tasting Week was created by a group of parents who believe that educating children about taste is the best way to get them to love food and at the same time fight obesity. This week, thirty chefs visited fifteen schools across the Bay Area to conduct similar workshops. Learn more about Tasting Week and their events at:
Tasting Week invites you to their event for families on November 11 in San Francisco, organized in collaboration with Omnivore World Tour. Check out the schedule on:
Halloween Parade Wednesday October 31 , 10:30 am
The Palo Verde Halloween Costume Parade will be at 10:30 on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 on the blacktop. Many parents and other family members traditionally enjoy this event with us. We hope this tradition continues. Since the parade starts after the morning recess (10:30), parents may help their child(ren) put on their costumes during the morning break.
Please Wear Appropriate Costumes
We do not want to get into pre-approving all costumes,but we do ask that parents and students please consider the appropriateness of the costume for school.
Toy guns, toy knives, or any other pretend or real weapons
No blood or gore is allowed as well
I look forward to seeing all the wonderful costumes worn by students, staff and parents.
OCTOBER Asset of the Month: Positive Family Communication
Young person and her or his parent(s) communicate positively, and young person is willing to seek advice and counsel from parent(s)
Young people who experience positive family communication experience higher self -esteem, decreased substance use, less anxiety and depression, and greater school engagement. However, in Santa Clara County, only 63% of 4th-6th grade students and 33% of 7th- 12th grade students reported in Project Cornerstone’s 2011 survey that they and their parents communicate positively and that they are willing to seek advice from their parents. To help promote this valuable asset, October is Positive Family Communication month in Silicon Valley.
For positive family communication to occur, all family members must be comfortable sharing their needs, wishes, and concerns in an honest and trusting environment without fear of rejection. Establishing positive communication when children are young may help keep the channel open in adolescence.
No matter how old your children it’s never too late to start! The following questions can help your family. Encourage your child to answer these questions honestly:
Who do you enjoy talking with, and why?
What makes it easier to talk to family members, and what makes it more difficult?
Which topics are easiest for you to talk about with your parents, and which are more difficult? Why?
The communication skills that young people develop in their families help set the pattern of how they’ll communicate for the rest their lives. Teaching your children to communicate effectively with friends, teachers, co – workers, parents, peers, and others is a lasting legacy that parents can give to their children.
This article was provided courtesy of Project Cornerstone’s Asset-a-Month program. For more information,
Business Owners: Support our Auction and Reach out to over 300 Business Families

March 9, 2013 is the date of the Palo Verde Elementary School PTA auction, the biggest fundraiser of the year for our school. There are two ways you can support the event, the school, and the children:

By donating gift certificates, a unique experience, products, services, or tickets, you are introducing your business to potential customers in Palo Alto. We are happy to display
business cards, brochures, or other literature alongside your item on auction night to help promote your business. The full value of your donated item is tax deductible.
Sponsors are prominently highlighted in the auction catalog, which is reviewed multiple times by every parent and teacher at the school. This is not a newspaper ad or a billboard that is viewed only once – the catalog is thoroughly reviewed before, studied during and referenced after the event. Top sponsors are announced during the event. Sponsorship is also tax deductible.
Please click here for a detailed flyer and information on how to participate.
Give the Gift of Reading- From Natalie Bivas, ELD Specialist

Your children are just devouring books during Readers’ Workshop. Classroom teachers would love to have more books to keep up with the students’ pace at reading them. You might think about donating a book, a series of books, or an Amazon card to your child’s teacher in honor of his/her birthday, in honor of a special achievement, for a holiday gift, or just “because”. You can ask your child’s teacher for guidance or a wish list. Thank you all for your generosity in making Palo Verde a fantastic school.

Please Renew or Add Your Safeway Club Card with eScrip by 11/1!

Do you know how to double your eScrip contributions? Be sure your Safeway Club Card is registered with eScrip! Last year, families who had a Safeway Club Card registered with eScrip raised, on average, TWICE as much money through their eScrip contributions.
As part of its work with eScrip, Safeway asks eScrip participants to renew their Club Card in the eScrip system by November 1. It’s really easy to do and shouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time. Just go to, click on the Safeway renewal icon, and follow the simple instructions. If you registered your Safeway Club Card since August 1st of this year, you do not need to re-register your card.
If you’re like me, you just enter your phone number into the systemwhen you shop at Safeway and it automatically knows your Safeway Club Card number and/or you lost your card years ago. You can still add your Safeway Club Card Number! Just call             1-877-723-3929       (select Option 3) and the Safeway Customer Service team will help you identify your Club Card Number.
It’s easy and only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Go and follow the instructions. Be sure to have your Safeway Club Card number and credit cards on hand when you register. Our group number is 137331259 and we are listed as Palo Verde PTA. Remember, our eScrip Grade Level Challenge is in full swing – be sure your child’s class receives their “brag bags!”   Please contact our eScrip Coordinator, Callie Turk, at with any questions.

Have you tried Fresh & Easy yet? Turn in your receipts and earn money for Palo Verde!

Here is a new grocery store in town: Fresh & Easy. Created by the UK firm Tesco, it’s like Trader Joe’s meets Whole Feeds. It’s at the corner of Rengstorff and Middlefield in Mountain View. They have some great prepared foods, a gluten free section, international foods, many name brands you know and trust, plus many Fresh and Easy branded items that are great quality. If you shop there between September 12 and December 31, save and submit your original receipts to the envelope in the office. The PTA will submit receipts and Fresh and Easy will give $1 for every $20 spent per receipt.
Do you have a Target REDcard?
The Palo Verde PTA just received a check for $190 from Target stores. It came from Palo Verde parents/friends who have a Target REDcard — Target’s in house credit card — and who registered their REDcard for the Take Charge of Education program. Under the program, Target gives 1% of all REDcard purchases to the school of your choice. If you have a REDcard and haven’t enrolled, please go to: And thanks to the parents who have already enrolled and earned money for Palo Verde!

Check Out the Lost and Found Cart – You Might Not Realize What You Have Lost!

The Lost and Found Cart sits outside Mrs. Brown’s office and is already filling up! It only takes a minute or two to search through and see if anything belongs to your family. (I’ve found quite a few things this way!)
It’s not just jackets; it’s lunch boxes, bottles, books …. chances are if your kid left something at school it’s either in the classroom or the Lost and Found Cart!
Please help me, help you by labeling your kids’ items, then I can pass them back.
I have posted the current items at:
I’ll continue to update the photos at the end of each month.
Items left in the cart at the end of term (Christmas, Easter, End of Year) will be donated to charity.
Questions? Email: Denise White