News: October 5, 2012


October 14                           :   Harvest Fair
October 19                           :   No School
October 25                           :   Palo Verde Dining for Dollars
October 30                           :  ABC Readers Training
October 31                           :  Halloween Costume Parade


Palo Verde and PTA News



Give the Gift of Reading- From Natalie Bivas, ELD Specialist


Your children are just devouring books during Readers’ Workshop. Classroom teachers would love to have more books to keep up with the students’ pace at reading them. You might think about donating a book, a series of books, or an Amazon card to your child’s teacher in honor of his/her birthday, in honor of a special achievement, for a holiday gift, or just “because”. You can ask your child’s teacher for guidance or a wish list. Thank you all for your generosity in making Palo Verde a fantastic school.


From the Traffic Safety Team

We had a great walk and roll event on Wednesday. We counted 218 raffle ticket entries from our students who walked and rolled to school on October 3. We also counted 605 green commute miles logged in by our students who walked,biked or carpooled to school in September. October mileage tracker forms went out in last week’s Friday folders. Thank you to all who helped make this event successful.

The traffic safety team would like to remind parents to exercise extreme caution when dropping and picking kids up. It is illegal and very dangerous to pull up in front of the school gate on Rorke in the wrong direction to drop kids off. Bicyclists or pedestrians coming down Rorke toward Ames will not be anticipating an open car door when you are parked the wrong way. One could also be endangering the safety of their child by having him/her get off into incoming traffic.
The Palo Verde Harvest Fair is coming!


The Palo Verde Harvest Fair is coming on Sunday, October 14th, from 3 – 5 pm at Palo Verde School. We’ll have carnival games, prizes, food and balloons! Don’t miss this chance to have fun and socialize with other Palo Verde families. Admission is FREE.
Can you spare an hour to help out? We can always use more volunteers! Please contact Katharine at saunderz(at) for more information.
Save The Date! Math Night at Palo Verde, MP Room: Math Around the World
Sponsored by the Palo Verde PTA
Wednesday, November 7th 2012, 6:00-7:45 PM
Take a mathematical trip around the world! Timeless games from many areas of the globe are offered to challenge students’ skills in using probability, logic, and strategy. From Native American Game Sticks to Lo-Shu Puzzles of China, students exercise their ability to focus and problem-solve – traits necessary for succeeding in math. Maps as well as historical information blend social studies and geography with mathematics.
Volunteers needed to assist with the stations. To volunteer, please contact Theivanai Palaniappan at theivanai_p (at) hotmail dot com
Please Renew or Add Your Safeway Club Card with eScrip by 11/1!
Do you know how to double your eScrip contributions? Be sure your Safeway Club Card is registered with eScrip! Last year, families who had a Safeway Club Card registered with eScrip raised, on average, TWICE as much money through their eScrip contributions.
As part of its work with eScrip, Safeway asks eScrip participants to renew their Club Card in the eScrip system by November 1. It’s really easy to do and shouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time. Just go to, click on the Safeway renewal icon, and follow the simple instructions. If you registered your Safeway Club Card since August 1st of this year, you do not need to re-register your card.
If you’re like me, you just enter your phone number into the system when you shop at Safeway and it automatically knows your Safeway Club Card number and/or you lost your card years ago. You can still add your Safeway Club Card Number! Just call 1-877-723-3929 (select Option 3) and the Safeway Customer Service team will help you identify your Club Card Number.
It’s easy and only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Go to and follow the instructions. Be sure to have your Safeway Club Card number and credit cards on hand when you register. Our group number is 137331259 and we are listed as Palo Verde PTA. Remember, our eScrip Grade Level Challenge is in full swing – be sure your child’s class receives their “brag bags!”
Please contact our eScrip Coordinator, Callie Turk, at with any questions.


Have you tried Fresh & Easy yet? Turn in your receipts and earn money for Palo Verde!


Here is a new grocery store in town: Fresh & Easy. Created by the UK firm Tesco, it’s like Trader Joe’s meets Whole Feeds. It’s at the corner of Rengstorff and Middlefield in Mountain View. They have some great prepared foods, a gluten free section, international foods, many name brands you know and trust, plus many Fresh and Easy branded items that are great quality. If you shop there between September 12 and December 31, save and submit your original receipts to the envelope in the office. The PTA will submit receipts and Fresh and Easy will give $1 for every $20 spent per receipt.
Do you have a Target REDcard?
The Palo Verde PTA just received a check for $190 from Target stores. It came from Palo Verde parents/friends who have a Target REDcard — Target’s in house credit card — and who registered their REDcard for the Take Charge of Education program. Under the program, Target gives 1% of all REDcard purchases to the school of your choice. If you have a REDcard and haven’t enrolled, please go to: And thanks to the parents who have already enrolled and earned money for Palo Verde!

Check Out the Lost and Found Cart – You Might Not Realize What You Have Lost!

The Lost and Found Cart sits outside Mrs. Brown’s office and is already filling up! It only takes a minute or two to search through and see if anything belongs to your family. (I’ve found quite a few things this way!)
It’s not just jackets; it’s lunch boxes, bottles, books …. chances are if your kid left something at school it’s either in the classroom or the Lost and Found Cart!
Please help me, help you by labeling your kids’ items, then I can pass them back.
I have posted the current items at:
I’ll continue to update the photos at the end of each month.
Items left in the cart at the end of term (Christmas, Easter, End of Year) will be donated to charity.
Questions? Email: Denise White

School Board/Forums on Props 30 and 38  


There are two propositions on this November’s ballot regarding school funding. There are also several candidates running for school board. Below are some forums you may be interested in attending to learn more about the propositions and the candidates running for school board.

Two Visions for Our Schools
Why are there two education initiatives on the November ballot? How will each initiative impact Palo Alto and our state? How much money do they each raise, how do they get the money and for how long, what do they each do with the money, and how?
To learn the answers to these questions and more, please come to one of the PTA presentations on Propositions 30 (the Governor’s Initiative) and 38, “Our Children, Our Future.” (the PTA/Munger Initiative). The PTA presentations will be held:
October 18, Noon
 Palo Alto High School, ERC Room (Library)
October 9, 8:45am
 JLS Middle School, exact location TBD
School Board Candidates Forums
October 8, 7-9 PM
25 Churchill
(Sponsored by the Community Advisory Committee for Special Education)
October 10, 7 PM
 PALY, ERC Room (Library)
 (Co-sponsored with SEAN and PASS)
October 15, 7:30 PM
25 Churchill
(Sponsored by PA Weekly)
October 24, 7-8:30 PM
 Nixon Elementary
(Co-sponsored Escondido Spanish Immersion Parents Association (SIPAPA) and Stanford Mom and Kids (SMAK))

Family Fun At Bike Palo Alto! On Sunday, October 7, 1-4PM 


Bike Palo Alto! is a family friendly event designed to highlight easy ways to get around the city using bike-friendly routes. Mayor Yeh is challenging neighbors from all over Palo Alto to join him at this free event, which starts at El Carmelo School (Loma Verde & Bryant). Volunteers will provide route information and maps, free bike inspections, Share the Road safety tips and special activities for children. For more information, go to .


Musical Instruments Needed


Recorders and other instruments are needed immediately by local music organization for use in East Palo Alto schools. Music in the Schools Foundation is a local non-profit organization which provides weekly music classes for over 1,400 students in the Ravenswood City School District. Our after-school violin classes are led by volunteers from PACO’s senior orchestra. If you have recorders, percussion instruments or ukuleles, they may be left on the porch at 1850 Middlefield Road in Palo Alto. If you need a tax donation receipt, please leave your contact information with the instrument. For violins (½ or ¾ size), please contact Virginia Fruchterman for donation information. All contributions are greatly appreciated. Info:,


So Your Child Has Lice


I remember so clearly sitting on the beach in Connecticut in August of 2011, listening to other mothers’ horror stories about lice, feeling both repulsed that they would be talking about such a thing as well as secure in the knowledge that nothing so disgusting would ever happen in my house. I had never had lice, never knew anyone who had lice (or so I thought), and just knew I would never have to deal with it. That was August. By September 4, the lady at Great Clips was calling me over to point out the small, barely visible lice eggs (nits) in my daughter’s hair. Six months later, it happened again. I blame both on plane trips, but who knows? And all I can tell you is that “lice happens” not matter how immune you think you are to it!


Since that time I’ve shared my story and advice with lots of people, and I’m always surprised to find out how many people have quietly, shamefully dealt with their lice episodes in silence. I want those days to be over! For goodness sake, we should all be sharing our tips and tricks, not suffering in silence! So: My name is Emily Jaquette. I have two kids at Palo Verde who have had lice, twice. One time I even got it myself (I know creepy, huh? But I never had any symptoms and didn’t know — only checked because I was supposed to). I used to be embarrassed about it, now I’m not, and here’s what I learned….


DON’T rush to CVS or Walgreens and get a box of RID. That’s old school, it doesn’t work. The lice have built up immunities to the insecticide most remedies contain. And the plastic combs are MURDER on kids. You’d be better off throwing $16 into the trash, then going and pulling your child’s hair til he or she cries. You will have achieved the same outcome as buying RID.
DO think about whether you want to handle this yourself, or use a service. Love Bugs in Los Altos costs about $100 per person, but you are pretty much done after one or two treatments if you do your homework (see below). When I found that I had them as well, I went STRAIGHT to Love Bugs and thought it was a great service. You can search around for others. Some services will even come to your home.
If you do it yourself, DO buy a Lice Terminator comb. Does ALL the work for you, does not leave your child a blubbering mess. Love Bugs uses them and sells them, but they are about half the price on Amazon. I use mine regularly to do my own lice checks at home, so I actually think you should get one of these anyway.
If you do it yourself, DO use the suffocation method. No poisons. Lice MD or the Cetaphil facial cleanser method both work. Last I checked Walgreens carries Lice MD. You put a harmless thick substance on the child’s scalp for a little while, which suffocates the lice in their hair, then you use the Lice Terminator comb to comb out the dead bugs as well as the nits with the added benefit of a conditioner-like product greasing the sleds. There is nothing I’m aware of that kills nits. You MUST comb them out or they will hatch and the cycle starts all over again.
DO put all bedding and towels and sleep time friends like stuffed animals through a hot dryer for 20 minutes or more. Heat is your friend. Bag any item that can’t go through the dryer and that spends quality time near your kid’s head for a couple of weeks. Vacuum around the bed. But honestly, I did not find that I had to clear the whole room out as some websites suggest – your experience may be different.


If you have questions, I’ll do my best to answer them, or look on line. There is lots of “how to” info. And if you, like me, have dealt with lice before are thinking “yeah, why do we all suffer in silence?” let me know and we can form a little network of consultants to help answer questions and provide advice.


Also, I bought 10 lice terminator combs one Amazon that will be here Monday some time, so if you need one, let me know. They are $11.


Emily Jaquette

Room 5 and 13