RECAP: Julia Robinson Math Festival

Skyscraper Activity
Maze Mat Activity
Apple Picking Activity

We had 68 students and families enjoy the Math Festival! The kids had 4 hands-on activity tables – Apple Picking, Skyscraper Stacking, Maze Mat Solving and Cup Stacking. The kids had a little book to collect stickers for each completed activity and they earned small prizes depending on the number of stickers. Thank you to all the families who showed up and helped make the Festival a success!!

The Math Festival would not have been possible without the time devoted by the following volunteers. Thank you!!

Cup Stacking: Angela Grammatas, Ramy Jioussy

Skyscrpaer: Yi Ma

Apple Picking: Paula Hamilton

Maze Mat: Ling Zhu

Registration: Crystal Siu & Nicole Preston

Room Setup & Prizes Table: Suju Rajan

Overall Organization: Abraham Bagherjeiran